Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth

Leo Leisure Bingo Weymouth

Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth stands out as the biggest independent bingo operator on the South Coast. Offering you free bingo on Tuesdays and a complimentary lunch on Sundays, it’s a place packed with value and fun.

You can join without paying any fees if you’re 18 or older, just bring photo ID if you look under 25. With games running every day from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, there are plenty of chances for you to win part of the over £150,000 given out last month alone.

The venue invites you in with bingo, food and drink options plus daily specials to keep your energy up. This spot is part of Leo Leisure Limited—regulated by the Gambling Commission—showing its dedication to safe and enjoyable entertainment.

What’s more, they’ve got extra activities like discounted movie tickets at Commodore Cinema or playtime at Leo’s Play Den in Eastbourne for when you want more than just bingo excitement.

Exploring Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth

Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth is a place you must visit. This spot now welcomes players, having paid out over £150,000 in prize money last month alone. If you are 18 or older, joining is easy and costs nothing.

Just bring your photo ID if you look younger than 25. The excitement here is endless, with Leo Leisure standing as the most prominent independent bingo operator on the South Coast.

You’ll find this popular venue on Crescent Street – it’s more than just a bingo hall; it’s where memories are made. Licensed by the Gambling Commission under account number 807, Leo Leisure promises both fun and security during your visit.

Whether you’re catching up with friends or hoping to win, this bustling hub in Weymouth ensures an unforgettable experience every time.

Current Events and Promotions at Leo Leisure Bingo

Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth always has something exciting for everyone. From free games to tasty meals, check out what they offer now.

  1. Enjoy free bingo every Tuesday. You get to play without paying.
  2. Free lunch on Sunday makes your weekend special.
  3. Leo Bingo Online welcomes you with a 100% Bingo Bonus when you first deposit £20. This comes with a simple rule: wager twice the bonus funds.
  4. Find Leo Leisure in places like Eastleigh, Ryde, Eastbourne, Weymouth, and Southampton for more fun.
  5. Catch a movie at Commodore Cinema in Ryde for only £4 per ticket. Saturday morning screenings are even cheaper at £2.50.
  6. Let kids explore Leo’s Play Den in Eastbourne, open all week. You can book parties or hire it privately too.

These offers and events give you great value for money and fun times at Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth and beyond.

Session Times and Pricing Details

For those eager to explore bingo in Weymouth, understanding the session times and pricing at Leo Leisure is crucial. Here, your bingo experience is structured to fit both your schedule and budget. With sessions running from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm every day, there’s a game for everyone, any day of the week.

Below is a table providing a snapshot of session times and pricing details:

SessionTimeDayPrice Range (£)Game Type
Morning11:30 AMEvery Day7-14Paper Bingo
Afternoon1:30 PMEvery Day7-14Paper and Digital Bingo
Evening7:30 PMEvery DayFree-£Paper Bingo

This table lays out the essentials. Whether you prefer the tactile feel of paper bingo in the morning and afternoon sessions or enjoy the evening games, there’s something for you. Pricing varies, with some evening sessions even starting for free, making it accessible to all. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on session times and prices, directly contacting Leo Leisure Bingo at 01305 230 540 always helps. With such flexible options, planning your next visit to 18 Crescent Street, Weymouth, becomes a breeze.

Menu and Beverage Choices at Leo Leisure Bingo

Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth offers you a variety of food and drink options. Daily specials are always available, making each visit unique. You can enjoy these offerings across various locations, including Eastleigh, Ryde, Eastbourne, Southampton, and of course, Weymouth itself.

If you want to book the venue or have any questions about their menu, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on contact details provided.

This spot is ideal if you’re looking for value-for-money bingo sessions paired with tasty menu options. From refreshing beverages that keep you hydrated throughout your games to appetising dishes that cater to a range of tastes—Leo Leisure Bingo ensures your needs are met without disrupting your fun evening out at the bingo hall.

Join Leo Leisure Bingo Weymouth Today

Joining Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth is simple and worthwhile. If you’re over 18, sign up for free membership. You’ll get a 100% Bingo Bonus the first time you deposit money online.

Founded by Peter Brown snr and Janice in 1985, Leo Leisure has grown to include not just bingo clubs but also cinemas and play centres, demonstrating their commitment to providing great entertainment options.


Leo Leisure Bingo in Weymouth gives you great value for your time and money. With free bingo on Tuesday and lunch on Sunday, it’s a treat. You get to choose from paper or digital games every day from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm.

They also serve tasty food with daily specials, making your visit enjoyable. Visit Leo Leisure Bingo today at 18 Crescent Street, Weymouth, or call them at 01305 230 540 for a fun experience.

If you’re over 18, signing up is easy and free—start enjoying great bingo and more right away!


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