Club 2000 Bedford

Club 2000 Bedford

Club 2000 Bedford is a buzzing spot for those who love bingo. This club isn’t just about bingo; it offers bars, diners, and slot machines with big prizes up to £500.

Open from 11am until midnight on most days, and starting an hour later on Sundays, it’s a place where fun doesn’t take a break.

Bingo lovers have various choices here with prices starting from £3. And guess what? On Tuesday afternoons, you can play bingo without spending a penny! People really like this place – they give the staff top marks for being friendly and helpful.

Each month brings new deals like cheaper games or chances to play for free. Whether you’re hungry for action or want to grab something tasty like Saag Dal or Chilli Cheese Naan, Club 2000 offers everything you need.

Get ready for more exciting details ahead.

Overview of Club 2000 Bedford

Nestled in Aspects Leisure Park, Bedfordshire, Club 2000 Bedford offers you a world of entertainment and games within its walls. This esteemed venue is fully licensed by the Gambling Commission (account number 2184), ensuring a safe and regulated environment for all your play needs.

With locations both in Bedford and Runcorn, Club 2000 Bingo Ltd prides itself on delivering an unparalleled experience. The official portal at serves as your gateway to this vibrant bingo scene.

Patrons often highlight the staff’s helpfulness and friendliness, earning the establishment a sterling 5/5 user review rating.

At Club 2000 Bedford, you’re stepping into more than just a bingo hall; it’s where fun meets community spirit amidst exciting wager opportunities.

Club 2000 Opening Hours

Club 2000 in Bedford extends a warm welcome with its wide array of entertainment options, from exciting bingo games that adhere to the principle of playing responsibly, to captivating slot machine fun.

This popular venue balances excitement with relaxation, offering something for everyone who steps through its doors.

Operating times are straightforward. From Monday to Saturday, Club 2000 welcomes you from 11 am until midnight. On Sundays, doors open at noon and stay open until midnight as well.

This means you have ample opportunity every day to enjoy what Club 2000 has to offer—whether it’s catching an early game or indulging in some late-night entertainment.

For those eager to join the action at’s premier bingo hall, these hours mean easy planning for your visits. You can start your adventure in bingo halls right after lunch or make it a night out with friends—all within Club 2000’s accommodating schedule.

Club 2000 Session Schedules and Pricing

Here’s the scoop on Club 2000 Bedford’s bingo sessions and how much they’ll set you back:

DaySessionStart TimePricing
MondayAfternoon12:00£5.00 – £10.00
TuesdayAfternoon12:00Free Bingo
FridayEvening6:45£20.00 – £80.00
Every DayElectronic BingoVaries£5 – £80
SundayAfternoon1:30Main session at 2:00
Every EveningMain Session7:30Check prices
Every EveningLate Session9:20Varies

Check out Club 2000 for the latest deals that double your tickets for free with electronic bingo… And don’t forget, Tuesday afternoons are on the house! Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, these sessions promise good times and great company. For the late-night crowd, the evening sessions end with a bang at 9:20 pm. Dive into the fun at Club 2000 and who knows? Maybe luck will be on your side.

Current Promotions and Exclusive Offers at Club 2000

Club 2000 makes sure you have a great time without spending too much. They offer many deals that let you play responsibly and save money.

  1. Free membership lets you choose between traditional or electronic bingo, saving you money right from the start.
  2. Monthly promotions include discounted prices and free games, giving you more chances to play and win.
  3. Following Club 2000 on Facebook keeps you in the loop for the latest offers, so you never miss out on a good deal.
  4. Prize money changes with every session, offering exciting opportunities to win different amounts each time you play.

Explore Additional Features at Club 2000

Club 2000 is more than games and numbers. Find out about the food stops and digital game machines that make your visit special.

Club 2000 Bars and Dining Options

You find tasty dishes and drinks at Club 2000. The menu has Saag Dal, Kassori Lamb Curry, Drums of Heaven, and Chilli Cheese Naan. Enjoy your meal with friends or family here.

For fun, try the latest slot machines. You could win up to £500 Jackpots. Play traditional bingo books or modern tablets too. It’s all there for a good time.

Slot Machine Entertainment at Club 2000

At Club 2000, the slot machines offer a big chance for fun. They can give out up to £500 in jackpots. These are not just any games; they’re the latest ones you find alongside bingo events.

The club makes sure these machines follow all rules. So, you play knowing everything is fair and clear.

Club 2000 brings more than just bingo to your day or night out. With these gaming options, everyone gets a shot at winning something extra while having a great time. Clear terms of use are always provided for your peace of mind and safety.

How to Contact Club 2000 Bedford

Want to get in touch with Club 2000 Bedford? It’s easy. You can call them on the telephone, drop an email, or visit their website for more details. Their phone number pops up when you search for Club 2000 Bedford online.

If sending an email is more your style, find their address on the website too. They’re ready to answer all your questions quickly.

Thinking about stopping by? The address is Aspects Leisure Park, Bedford, MK41 9LN. Whether it’s a question about sessions or special offers, they’re ready to help. Don’t wait around wondering – reach out now and see what fun awaits!


Club 2000 Bedford gives you fun games and great times. It sits at Aspects Leisure Park, ready to welcome you from early till late. Here, play bingo the way you like—on paper or a tablet.

Enjoy meals and drinks, then try your luck on slot machines with big jackpots. Call them or visit their website to find out more. Get ready for a good time with friends at Club 2000 Bedford!