Buzz Bingo Worthing

Buzz Bingo Worthing

Buzz Bingo Worthing brings excitement and fun to your doorstep with a mix of bingo games, live shows, and tasty bites. With ticket prices for paper starting at £3 and going up to £15, and electronic tickets priced between £15 and £55, everyone can find something within their budget.

From early sessions at 12:00 to late ones after 21:15, Buzz Bingo fits into any schedule. For newcomers, there’s a sweet deal where you can play for just £5 on your first two visits.

If you fancy bringing a friend along, the Saturday Social Club promotion makes it even more tempting with both getting to play for only £5 each.

Imagine winning the Pot of Gold Community Jackpot of £2,163 or eyeing an in-house prize that could reach up to $20,000 from one ticket! Besides bingo fun, Buzz Bingo Worthing is not just about numbers; it’s also about entertainment with its range of live shows and advanced gaming options like VR system setups.

And when hunger strikes or you need a drink? The venue provides everything from chicken baskets to vegan choices available all day.

What’s more? This place isn’t just playing games but creating a community feel with exclusive perks for members and hosting diverse events that add an extra layer of fun. Nearby venues might offer similar pastimes but Buzz Bingo Worthing stands out for its blend of traditional gaming joy mixed with modern technological twists.

Ready for some buzzing excitement?

Buzz Bingo Worthing Opening Times and Ticket Prices

Plan your visit to Buzz Bingo Worthing and get ready for fun. Here’s what you need to know about opening times and how much it costs.

DayOpening TimesPaper Ticket PricesElectronic Ticket Prices
Monday to Tuesday5 PM – 11 PM£3 – £15£15 – £55
Wednesday to Saturday11:30 AM – 11 PM£3 – £15£15 – £55
Sunday5 PM – 11 PM£3 – £15£15 – £55

Keep these times in mind. Choose between paper and electronic tickets based on your budget. Prices range from £3 to £55. Get set for an exciting visit to Buzz Bingo Worthing.

Bingo Sessions and Slot Machine Information

Buzz Bingo Worthing offers a variety of bingo sessions and the latest slot machines. You have many options, from traditional paper tickets to advanced electronic gaming.

  1. Regular bingo games come with 25 tickets for £35. This lets you play more and increases your chances of winning.
  2. For a bigger thrill, choose Large bingo with 50 tickets for £45. It’s perfect if you’re feeling lucky.
  3. Extra Large sessions offer 75 tickets for £55, giving you even more chances to shout “Bingo!”
  4. Double XL is the ultimate game with 150 tickets for only £75, doubling your fun and potential winnings.

Electronic Only Sessions start at 9:15, featuring five bingo games:

  • Bronze level includes 18 electronic tickets for just £3.
  • Silver level ups the game with 30 tickets for £5, offering better odds.
  • Gold level gives you 42 tickets for £7, increasing your chances further.
  • Platinum level provides a hefty 60 tickets for £10, making it easier to win.
  • Diamond level tops them all with 72 tickets for only £12, maximising your chances.

  1. The Pot of Gold Community Jackpot stands at an impressive £2,163 – play and you might win big!
  2. Single ticket players can win up to £20,000 in-house prizes, turning a small buy-in into a fortune.

In the arcade area:

  • Find the newest slot game titles waiting for you.
  • Play responsibly as advised by and under Buzz Group Limited’s guidance.

Whether you’re playing bingo games or hitting the slots at Buzz Bingo Worthing on Rowlands Road, always gamble responsibly under UK Gambling Commission rules and enjoy every moment of excitement these sessions offer!

Menu Options at Buzz Bingo Worthing

At Buzz Bingo Worthing, you find great food that matches your bingo fun. They serve tasty meals all day, including the iconic chicken basket. You have many choices, from veggie to vegan and gluten-free options.

This means everyone can enjoy something delicious while playing.

Food is ready during bingo session times. So, whether you’re here for Lunch Club or Big Bite, expect to pay between £3-£15 for a meal package. Plus, they keep bar deals going every day.

With such variety and good prices, your time at Buzz Bingo becomes even better.

Current Offers and Big Jackpots

Buzz Bingo Worthing brings you exciting offers and big jackpots that could change your life. With games every day, there’s always a chance to secure substantial winnings.

  1. Saturday Social Club lets you play bingo for £5 each when you bring a friend. It’s a fun way to enjoy the game and save money.
  2. The Pot of Gold Community Jackpot stands at £2,163. Everyone has a shot at winning this impressive sum.
  3. Our House games offer cash prizes to lucky winners throughout the day, making every game exciting.
  4. Big Buzz Special could land you a £50,000 jackpot if you call full house in 40 numbers or fewer. Imagine winning that!
  5. Safe Cracker Bingo presents more cash prizes, adding an element of mystery and excitement to your visit.
  6. Go Go Bingo is available all day, giving you plenty of chances to play and win whenever you drop by.
  7. Free bingo offers are part of our mission to support responsible gambling and make sure everyone has fun.

With these exciting opportunities, Buzz Bingo Worthing is more than just a place to play bingo—it’s where dreams can come true!

Explore Buzz Bingo Worthing’s Facilities

Step into Buzz Bingo Worthing, and find a world of fun awaiting you. From heart-racing shows to the latest in electronic games, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Live Shows and Performances

Buzz Bingo Worthing lights up nights with music, comedy, and live acts. Its club space transforms into a stage for exciting performances. Agree? Your evenings here are more than just bingo; they become memorable outings filled with laughter and tunes.

Check Buzz Bingo Worthing’s website or social media before you visit. Why? They list all upcoming live shows there. This place promises fun times with its mix of games and entertainment, making it a top spot in town.

Being part of this buzz means joining friends for an evening where every moment is lively and engaging.

Advanced Electronic Gaming

Advanced Electronic Gaming at Buzz Bingo Worthing uses VR technology. This tech makes online bingo more fun and real. You can play in 3D bingo halls and talk to other players. There are three kinds of VR systems here: non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive.

The best one gives you a high-quality virtual reality feel.

Buzz Bingo Worthing follows the think 25 policy to stop underage gambling. They make sure only adults enjoy their advanced games. If you love playing video games, this place has great options for you.

Plus, they use i.b.a.s operator systems for fair gaming outcomes every time you play.

Exclusive Member Perks

Buzz Bingo Worthing treats its members to great benefits. You get special offers and rewards that are just for you. Think free Bingo every day with cash prizes. And if you’re new, there’s a welcome bonus waiting for you.

As a member, Buzz Bingo stands by to help with any questions or problems. They make sure your online play is safe and secure. Plus, the i.b.a.s operator keeps things fair for everyone playing.

Being a bingo queen here means enjoying lots of extras—just because you’re part of the club!

Other Bingo Venues Nearby

You’re looking for places to play bingo near Buzz Bingo Worthing. Good news, many options are close by.

  1. Deluxe Bingo Hastings stands out as a great choice, offering varied game times to fit your schedule.
  2. Crown Bingo offers a cosy environment and competitive bingo sessions, adding to your list of must-visits.
  3. Gala Bingo, with multiple locations nearby, ensures you can find a game no matter where you are.
  4. Windmill Bingo provides a traditional bingo experience in a friendly setting, perfect for bingo fans.
  5. A short trip away, Buzz Bingo Brighton opens its doors to vibrant bingo sessions and lively crowd participation.
  6. Finally, Buzz in Bingo Crawley rounds off the list with its modern facilities and exciting jackpot opportunities.

Each venue brings its unique vibe to the classic game of bingo, promising fun-filled evenings with every visit.


Buzz Bingo Worthing brings you fun games and big wins. Doors open for bingo and slots from 12:00 till late, with tickets starting at £3. Enjoy tasty meals as you play. Benefit from special offers like playing for £5 on your first visits.

Check out live shows and modern gaming tech too. Nearby places offer more chances to play. Come join the excitement at Buzz Bingo Worthing – where every visit is a win!