Mecca Bingo Exeter

Mecca Bingo Exeter

Mecca Bingo Exeter sits at 12 North Street, Devon, and brings excitement with bingo, slot machines, casino games, and live shows. You can book your bingo time before you go and use the My Mecca Club app for special deals.

The place also has a bar and café offering tasty dishes like fish and chips from Harry Ramsden’s menu. Only if you are over 18 can you enter to make sure everyone plays safe. Prices for a game range from £2 to £20 with some nights costing only £5 or giving half-price games.

There’s parking on-site, easy access for all, places to smoke outside safely, and a zone full of electronic games waiting for you. If it’s your first time, there’s an offer that makes playing all the bingo games cost just £5 plus more vouchers for eating and game credits.

Get ready to learn more about what makes Mecca Bingo Exeter stand out!

What is Mecca Bingo Exeter?

Mecca Bingo Exeter is your go-to spot at 12 North Street, Exeter, Devon, England. Here, bingo gets a modern twist with touchscreen technology. It’s not just about marking numbers; you can also try your luck in the slots area filled with popular games.

Please note, this place is for those over 18 only. With an overall rating of 3 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, it’s clear that visitors have had their share of fun and challenges here.

This place brings together traditional bingo fun and electronic gaming machines under one roof. Whether you’re aiming for a full house or spinning for a jackpot in the arcade area, Mecca Bingo Exeter mixes old-school charm with new-tech excitement.

Make sure to bring ID as the club opens its doors only to adults seeking entertainment and perhaps a bit of live entertainment too!

Mecca Bingo Exeter Session Times and Pricing

Planning your visit to Mecca Bingo in Exeter? You’re in for fun times, and it’s key to know when to go and how much it’ll cost. Here’s a straightforward guide:

Afternoon SessionsVaries, please check the website£2 to £20
Evening SessionsVaries, please check the website£2 to £20
Fiver Fever7-9pmAll bingo for £5
New Members OfferOn First Visit£5 for all bingo games, including flyers
Text TuesdayTuesdaysHalf-price Main Game for customers updating contact details 5 days prior

Make sure to check sessions as times can change. New to Mecca Bingo? Enjoy all games for just £5 on your first visit. Don’t miss out on “Fiver Fever” for £5 bingo between 7-9pm. And for those who like deals, “Text Tuesday” is a must, offering half-price main game bingo. Enjoy your time at Mecca Bingo Exeter!

Explore the Food and Drink Menu at Mecca Bingo Exeter

At Mecca Bingo Exeter, you can enjoy a diverse menu that has something for everyone. From chicken tikka curry to burgers and loaded fries, the choices are sure to please. Don’t miss out on Harry Ramsden’s dishes either – they’re a treat.

Plus, there’s a lunch deal where any meal comes with a soft or hot drink for only £5 until 5pm every day.

For those seeking something heartier, options include smoked bockwurst hot dog, classic mac and cheese, steak and ale pie, and chilli con carne. With such tasty food and great value drinks on offer at Mecca Bingo Exeter, your visit will be even more enjoyable.

How to Book Your Visit to Mecca Bingo Exeter

Booking your visit to Mecca Bingo Exeter is easy. You can ensure a spot for two hours of fun games. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website. Use the club finder to select Mecca Bingo Exeter.
  2. Choose the date and time you want to visit.
  3. Look at session times and pricing to pick what suits you best.
  4. Click on pre-booking available if you want to reserve in advance.
  5. Check the food and drink menu online; plan what you might like to enjoy during your visit.
  6. Explore various payment methods listed on the site for an easy transaction.
  7. Download the My Mecca app for exclusive deals and a digital membership card, making entry smoother.
  8. Set up safer gambling tools, such as deposit limits and session reminders, for a responsible time.
  9. Contact Mecca Bingo Exeter directly if you have special requests or need assistance with your booking.

Ensure everything is correct before completing your booking. Get ready for an exciting visit full of games, food, and entertainment at Mecca Bingo Exeter!

Exciting Club Events and Promotions at Mecca Bingo Exeter

Mecca Bingo Exeter turns regular nights into exciting experiences. Get ready for Anyway Up Bingo and Drag Bingo, events that mix fun with winning chances. On Father’s Day, 15th June, every man walks away with a box of Quality Street chocolates—a sweet treat! Enjoy live acts like Forbidden Nights and the Jersey Quartet, bringing songs and dances to life.

Promotions add more reasons to visit. “Fiver Fever” lets you play bingo at a lower cost, while “Text Tuesday” slashes prices even further. These deals make games more thrilling and affordable.

Mark your calendar for these special dates and offers at Mecca Bingo Exeter.

Discover Additional Features at Mecca Bingo Exeter

Mecca Bingo Exeter is more than just bingo—check out live shows, play digital games, or chill in the bar. Discover all this on your next visit!

Enjoy Live Entertainment and Events

Mecca Bingo Exeter hosts live entertainment and events throughout the week. You can catch acts like Jersey Boys or enjoy a tribute show, adding excitement to your bingo session. Pre-book your spot for these shows online to ensure you don’t miss out.

Your visit becomes more fun with electronic gaming machines and a chance to relax at the on-site bar and café. These added features make sure there’s always something new to try each time you come in.

Get exclusive offers using the My Mecca app, making your time even better.

Play on Electronic Gaming Machines

Step into Mecca Bingo Exeter and find a buzzing slots area. Here, you’ll get your hands on the latest gaming machines filled with popular titles. From jackpot games that could turn your day around to engaging lucky tap games, hidden gems, and even game show-themed options – there’s plenty to explore.

You’re also covered with safer gambling tools like deposit limits and self-exclusion options. These features ensure you can enjoy playing while keeping it fun and responsible. So, go ahead – try your luck at these electronic gaming machines for a chance to win or simply have a good time experiencing something new.

Relax at the On-site Bar and Café

You can unwind at the on-site bar and café. They serve a variety of drinks and light bites. This adds comfort and convenience for guests.

The atmosphere is comfortable and social. You’ll find beverages to enjoy while you relax. It’s easy to get what you need without leaving the venue.

Ways to Get Rewarded at Mecca Bingo Exeter

At Mecca Bingo Exeter, rewards come in many forms. Every visit can bring you closer to fantastic prizes and bonuses. Here’s how:

  1. Join the Mecca Perks reward programme. Visit four times or more in a month to unlock special bonuses.
  2. New players rejoice! Spend £10 and grab up to £120 in welcome offers.
  3. Spin for free every day of the week. Your daily spin might just win you up to £500.
  4. Celebrate Father’s Day with us and enter our prize draw for a chance to win restaurant vouchers.
  5. Play evening games with opening times adjusted for your convenience, giving you more chances to win.
  6. Use the My Mecca Club App for exclusive offers only available through the app.
  7. Check out for tips on how to gamble responsibly – earning rewards while staying safe.
  8. Grab a bite at our café or bar; sometimes surprise treats are on us, especially if you’re playing electronic gaming machines.

Each visit is not just about the games but also about seizing opportunities for fun and rewards at Mecca Bingo Exeter.

Benefits of the My Mecca Club App

The My Mecca Club App brings you exclusive offers, deals, and a digital membership card right on your phone. You can order food and drink to your table without missing any of the action.

It’s easy to keep an eye on what’s happening at your local Mecca Bingo club with up-to-date schedules, prizes, and special events. Plus, the app gives you tools for safer gambling like deposit limits, taking breaks, and session reminders.

Using this app means you are always in control of your experience at Mecca Bingo Exeter. Learn about exciting club promotions quickly. Enjoy meals and drinks with ease as you play.

The safety features ensure that you have fun without going overboard. With all these benefits packed into one app, it’s clear why it’s a must-have for members looking to make the most of their visit.

Mecca Bingo Exeter Contact and Location Information

Mecca Bingo Exeter stands ready to welcome you. Find it on North Street, right in the city’s heart. It’s easy to get there by car or public transport. If driving, parking is available onsite for your convenience.

Joining the fun? Call them on 01392 406000 to secure your spot or ask any questions. For more details, their website has all the info you need – from opening times to event schedules.

Make sure to check it out and plan your visit today!


You’ve learned about Mecca Bingo Exeter, where fun meets games like bingo and slots. They let you book ahead to grab a seat and enjoy more playtime with your mates. The app makes things easier by letting you order grub right to your table.

Food choices are yummy – from curry to chips, there’s something for everyone. This place has cool events and rewards too, making each visit worth it. So, go on, give Mecca Bingo Exeter a try for an excellent night out!