Palace Bingo Bedworth

Palace Bingo Bedworth

Looking for a fun night out in Bedworth? You might be eyeing Palace Bingo on Leicester Road. It’s not just another bingo hall; it’s a local favourite with rave reviews, especially for its warm atmosphere and great value for money.

The place shines with a 5-star rating on Facebook.

This blog will guide you through everything about Palace Bingo Bedworth — from the best times to drop by, how much you’ll spend, to what makes it stand out. With sessions running every day of the week and prices starting as low as £5, there’s something here for everyone.

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Overview of Palace Bingo Bedworth

Nestled on Leicester Rd, Bedworth, CV12 8AB, Palace Bingo Bedworth stands as a beacon of entertainment near Tesco Extra. This family-run bingo hall prides itself on creating a friendly atmosphere where fun and excitement are guaranteed.

With an outstanding five-star rating on Facebook, it’s clear that patrons have nothing but praise for this venue. Boasting years of experience in offering the British version of bingo, Palace Bingo is more than just a game place; it’s a community hub where people gather to enjoy the excitement of the game and the warmth of companionship.

Jump into action any day from Monday to Saturday and even unwind with us every Sunday. Offering various sessions with specific opening times to fit everyone’s schedule ensures you always find time for fun amid life’s busyness.

The precise session times and prices reflect our commitment to providing accessible leisure activities without compromising quality or enjoyment. Whether you’re planning your first visit or you’re a regular player seeking the latest promotions—reach out via our official site or through our welcoming team at 02476 312286 or [email protected] for all details concerning your next bingo adventure in Warwickshire.

Opening Times and Key Sessions

Palace Bingo Bedworth opens its doors for you every week, promising fun-filled bingo sessions. Here’s a breakdown of opening times and key sessions to plan your visit.

DayOpening HoursKey Sessions
Monday to Saturday11am to 10pmAfternoon: 1:30pm, Evening: 7:30pm
Sunday5pm to 10pmEvening: 7:30pm

Palace Bingo Bedworth ensures you have an opportunity to join the fun seven days a week. Afternoon sessions kick off at 1:30pm, the perfect time to enjoy the game post-lunch. Evening sessions start at 7:30pm, setting the stage for an exciting night out. Each session offers a unique experience, from the excitement of the game to the sense of community. So, grab your dabber, and let’s bingo!

Pricing Details for Sessions

If you’re curious about how much a game of bingo will set you back at Palace Bingo Bedworth, you’re in the right spot. Prices are easy on the wallet, ranging from just £5 to £30 for a more full-on experience dubbed “The Works”. Let’s break this down so you know what to expect before you visit.

SessionPrice Range
Afternoon GamesStarting at £5
Evening SessionsUp to £30

Games in the afternoon are a bargain, kicking off at just £5. This makes dropping by for a round or two a nice, easy decision. For those seeking a more comprehensive bingo experience, evening sessions can go up to £30. This package, known as “The Works”, offers the full array of bingo fun.

What’s key here is the variety. Whether you’ve got just a few quid to spare or you’re ready to splurge on a night out, Palace Bingo Bedworth caters to all. Do note that these are general guides to get you started. Prices might vary, so always check the latest before you visit.

Features and Services of Palace o Bingo Bedworth

Palace Bingo in Bedworth lets you choose between paper and electronic bingo. This means more fun for everyone, whether you like the classic game or want something more modern. They offer big prizes and hold special events often, so there’s always something exciting happening.

There’s also an arcade area filled with jackpot slots if you’re feeling lucky.

Besides games, they have a bar and cafe where hot meals start at just £3. You can get drinks and snacks too – great for breaks between games. Parking might be limited but don’t worry, getting there by bus is easy.

This place knows how to mix fun with comfort, making it perfect for a night out or an afternoon with friends.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Players love Palace Bingo Bedworth. They give it a 4.5 out of 166 reviews. Many say the atmosphere is friendly and staff are very kind. They also talk about how games offer good value for money.

People feel safe here, too, thanks to Covid safety steps. Visitors often share their happy experiences on social media pages and recommend the bingo club to friends.

Additional Information

Want to know more? Keep reading for other places you can play bingo nearby and how to get in touch with Palace Bingo Bedworth.

Nearby Alternatives to Palace Bingo

Palace Bingo Bedworth is a popular spot, but sometimes it’s full or you might want to try something new. Here are some close alternatives that promise a good time.

  1. Mecca Bingo Birmingham – This place stands about an hour away from Palace Bingo Bedworth. It offers a variety of games and sessions at different times, ensuring there’s always something happening when you visit.
  2. Buzz Bingo Coventry – Located less than 30 minutes by car, Buzz Bingo Coventry presents an exciting line-up of bingo games and electronic slots. Their customer service is excellent, making each visit memorable.
  3. Buzz Bingo Tamworth – A bit further out, but worth the trip for its large selection of games and modern environment. They also run promotions regularly, giving players opportunities to win extra.
  4. Mecca Bingo Leicester – About a 45-minute drive will get you to this venue known for its friendly atmosphere and variety of bingo sessions. Plus, they have special price offers on certain days.

5: Buzz Bingo and The Slots Room Leicester – Another option in Leicester offering not just bingo but also a dedicated area for slot fans. It’s the perfect mix for those who love both kinds of activities.

Each location provides unique features and services that cater to every bingo player’s needs – from traditional games to the latest in electronic gaming technology. And with varied opening times and session prices, you can find a programme that fits your schedule and budget easily.

How to Contact Palace Bingo Bedworth

Getting in touch with Palace Bingo Bedworth is easy. You can call the team on 02476 312286. Feel free to send an email as well at [email protected]. They always welcome questions or comments from anyone.

If you prefer looking at photos or want to leave a comment about your time, visit their Facebook page. Their website has all the club details and upcoming prices too.

Their doors are open for a chat or a game at Leicester Rd, Bedworth, CV12 8AB, UK. Whether you’re planning your first visit or are a regular, they’re ready to help make your visit great.

So grab your phone and get in touch today for any info on UK bingo sessions or anything else related to their family-run club in the town centre.


Palace Bingo Bedworth stands out with its 5-star rating. It opens every day, offering fun in the afternoon and night. You can play for as little as £5 or go all-in with “The Works” for £30.

Choose from paper or electronic games, aiming for big prizes. Enjoy a meal from just £3 and try jackpot slots in the arcade area. Visit Palace Bingo Bedworth—you’ll have a great time!