Mecca Bingo Hayes

Mecca Bingo Hayes

Looking for a memorable night out in West London? Mecca Bingo Hayes might just be your answer. This bingo hall, established in 1967, isn’t just about bingo; it’s where generations have come together for entertainment and community spirit.

Sadly, rising costs are threatening its doors to closure.

Here’s a fact you’ll find interesting: local residents have started a petition to save this historic venue—a testament to its value in the community with already 67 signatures and counting.

This blog will guide you through everything Mecca Bingo Hayes offers—from session times and prices to facilities, accessibility features, and how the closure could impact the local area.

Get ready for an insightful read….

The History of Mecca Bingo in Hayes

Mecca Bingo in Hayes started as the Savoy Cinema back in 1939. George Coles, an architect, designed it. This place was not just a cinema; it was special for showing movies and hosting live shows, making it unique in Hayes.

In 1962, its name changed to Essoldo and later closed as a cinema in 1967. That same year marked its new beginning as Mecca Bingo Club. This transformation turned it into a spot where people didn’t just watch films but also enjoyed bingo games together.

This building is important because it’s the only one left in Hayes built specifically for both movies and live performances. Since becoming Mecca Bingo, it has been a key entertainment location, drawing crowds not just for bingo but also putting on various events that keep bringing fun into people’s lives here since the late ’60s.

Exploring the Facilities and Amenities at Mecca Bingo Hayes

At Mecca Bingo Hayes, you find a bingo hall that can seat 1,000 people. It’s big and always ready for games. They also have 61 arcade machines for more fun. You won’t worry about parking; they give out free parking vouchers at reception.

Need to talk or ask questions? Just call them at +44 20-8573-1480 or visit their website:

The place is not just about bingo; it has bars & clubs too. These spots are perfect if you want to take a break and grab a drink with friends. Everything here makes sure you have a great time, whether playing games or just hanging out.

A Guide to Entertainment and Activities at Mecca Bingo Hayes

Mecca Bingo Hayes turns an old cinema into a hub for fun and games. With live shows and special bingo nights, it promises a great time for everyone.

  1. Enjoy a big seating area where you can play bingo comfortably.
  2. Check out live entertainment, including music shows and performances.
  3. Don’t miss the drag bingo parties, where laughs are guaranteed.
  4. Take advantage of a warm welcome offer for new members: get bingo, flyers, and extra vouchers for just £5.
  5. Manage your visits easily with the digital membership card available through the My Mecca app.
  6. Pre-book 2 hours of games to make sure you get a spot.
  7. Find exclusive offers and deals on the My Mecca app to save money.
  8. The club is close to attractions like Barra Hall Park and Northala Fields if you want to explore more around Hayes.
  9. For culture lovers, The Musical Museum and London Museum of Water & Steam are not far off.
  10. If travelling from afar, Club Aspire at Heathrow offers a relaxing start before hitting the bingo hall.

Each of these points connects you directly with what Mecca Bingo Hayes has in store – making your visit fun-filled and memorable!

Overview of Session Times and Pricing at Mecca Bingo Hayes

Your guide to session times and pricing at Mecca Bingo Hayes ensures you know exactly what to expect. Each game offers a unique opportunity for fun at a price that suits your budget. Here’s a breakdown:

Morning GamesDifferent Start Times£2
Afternoon Main SessionsVaries£6 – £8.50
Evening GamesVarying Start TimesUp to £10

You can play morning games for just £2, a great low-cost way to start your day. Afternoon sessions offer a range of experiences priced between £6 and £8.50. For an evening of excitement, games cost up to £10. This pricing strategy makes Mecca Bingo Hayes accessible for everyone, regardless of your budget. Keep this information handy for your next visit.

Accessibility Features and Parking Information at Mecca Bingo Hayes

Mecca Bingo Hayes makes sure everyone can enjoy their visit, with many features for easier access. If driving, you’ll find parking simple and stress-free.

  1. The venue offers a free car park, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot.
  2. There are designated parking bays for quick and close access to the entrance.
  3. A bus stop is just 150m away, making public transport a convenient option.
  4. You’ll enter through automatic double doors that make coming in easy.
  5. A ramp at the main entrance means everyone can get in without trouble.
  6. Accessible toilets are located near the bar, so they’re quick to reach.
  7. Staff trained in disability awareness help ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors.
  8. Unisex accessible toilets are available for anyone’s use.

Each detail shows Mecca Bingo Hayes’ commitment to welcoming every guest comfortably and safely.

The Impending Closure of Mecca Bingo Hayes and Community Reactions

Mecca Bingo Hayes will shut its doors on the 26th of February, after serving as a hub for local gatherings since 1939. Rising costs forced this decision. John Dyson, the Operations Director, confirmed these sorrowful discussions.

This closure deeply affects older residents who relied on it for meeting friends and enjoying their time.

In response, locals started a petition to save this beloved spot – so far, it has gained 67 signatures. The community hopes to keep alive a place filled with decades of memories and bonds formed over bingo cards and laughter.

Supplementary Insights on Mecca Bingo Hayes

Mecca Bingo Hayes offers much more than bingo. With the My Mecca Club App, regulars enjoy many rewards and perks.

Diverse Entertainment Options: Beyond Bingo

At Mecca Bingo Hayes, you enjoy more than bingo. Live shows and music gigs light up the place. Try Anyway Up Bingo or join Drag Bingo parties for a twist. Crave food? Get tasty bites and great value drinks here.

Use the My Mecca app for deals.

Book two-hour game sessions in advance. The app updates you on offers; loyalty points reward your visits often. Explore beyond bingo—enjoy a vibrant mix of entertainment, meal options, and rewards at Mecca Bingo Hayes.

Experience Benefits with the My Mecca Club App

Grab your phone and get the My Mecca Club App now. It’s your key to making every visit better at Mecca Bingo Hayes. Find opening hours, contact details, and session times fast. You can even book bingo spots and order snacks without leaving your seat.

Fancy some special deals? The app has exclusive offers just for you.

Keep everything in one place with a digital membership card on the app. Stay updated; version 5.4.12 brings all this straight to your fingertips, approved by The Gambling Commission under licence 2396.

Easy, quick, and full of perks – that’s how you roll with the My Mecca Club App.

Rewards and Perks for Regular Visitors

You love visiting Mecca Bingo Hayes, right? Good news for you. If you come four times or more in a month, they have something special called Mecca Perks. It’s simple. You just need to keep coming and playing your favourite games.

Now, let’s talk rewards. For each visit, think of it as earning points towards a bigger prize—a £20 bonus for online bingo sessions. That’s not all; these aren’t just any points.

They’re like golden tickets to more fun without the extra cost. To get this bonus, find the bonus code in your Account section once you’ve visited enough times.

But there’s a condition – well, not really a bad one. You need to bet that £20 bonus at least once before cashing out any winnings from it. And yes, make sure you’ve said ‘yes’ to marketing messages from them or else no goodies for you! Also, they care about safe play—so tools for responsible gambling are ready if needed.

So prepare yourself; every game at Mecca Bingo Hayes now has an extra layer of excitement knowing what waits after your fourth visit!

Steps to Pre-book and Contact Details for Mecca Bingo Hayes

To pre-book your spot at Mecca Bingo Hayes, simply visit their website. Look for the booking section. Choose your date and time. Fill in your details. For help, call their customer service. The number is on the website too. Check emails for booking confirmation.

Mecca Bingo Hayes awaits you. Bring friends or make new ones here. Don’t miss out on fun games and prizes.

Need more info? Visit their website again. Or call them directly. They are ready to help you.

Act now to confirm your place at Mecca Bingo Hayes!


Mecca Bingo Hayes, located in West London, is facing potential closure. The venue opened in 1967 and has been a key social spot for older people. Residents have started a petition to save it, with 67 signatures so far.

Share your thoughts on the closure through daily newsletters. Look into pre-booking or find more info via contact details if you plan a visit soon. Your action could support saving this historic venue—join the community effort today.