Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster

Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster

Looking for a vibrant spot in Kidderminster to enjoy bingo? Shipleys Bingo on New Road offers you just that, with a range of games and slots created to give every visitor a memorable time.

Located at 38 New Road, Kidderminster, this club stands out as a favourite choice for locals and visitors alike.

In this write-up, we’ll take you through the exciting services and facilities available at Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster. You will learn about the various gaming options, session times, pricing details, and why it’s the go-to place for entertainment in town.

Exploring Facilities and Services at Shipleys Bingo

At Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster, you get to play exciting games and win. They offer both bingo and slot machine options for endless fun.

Bingo and Slot Gaming Options

You have two main choices at Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster: play traditional bingo with paper tickets and a dabber or go modern with electronic tablets. Jackpots catch your eye? They range from £500 to a whopping £50,000 every single day.

Plus, if you fancy slot machines, there’s plenty to keep you busy. The excitement doesn’t stop there; for on-the-go fun, download their mobile app. It shows you the nearest venue and connects you with special offers and vouchers.

While sipping freshly ground coffee – yes, it’s free along with other refreshments – choose how you’ll chase the next big win. Whether it’s marking off numbers the classic way or tapping on an electronic screen, excitement fills the room.

And keep in mind, those daily jackpots aren’t just numbers; they could be cash in your pocket before you know it.

Session Schedules and Pricing

Discover what Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster has in store for you with their attractive session schedules and competitive pricing. Start your bingo experience without delay.

Free bingo starts your day at 11 am, ensuring you kick off with excitement. Thursday evenings elevate the experience with complimentary earlies, mains, and lates, offering you unmatched value. Operating hours stretch from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Saturday, while Sunday sessions begin at 4:30 pm, closing at the same time. This schedule aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, giving you ample opportunity to join whenever suits you best.

Pricing varies for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, designed to accommodate every budget. Here’s a concise overview:

Mornings11:00 amFree
AfternoonsVariesCheck In-Store
EveningsVariesCheck In-Store
Thursday EveningsVariesFree

Prices for afternoon and evening games vary, so a quick call or visit can provide the latest details. This flexibility ensures you can plan your visit with ease, making the most of every game at Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster. With options for every player, your next visit promises both fun and value.

Highlighting Key Features of Shipleys Bingo

At Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster, the excitement never stops, thanks to their progressive pots and special events. You’ll find impressive facilities for both new and seasoned players, making every visit memorable.

Progressive Jackpots and Events

At Shipleys Bingo in Kidderminster, you have the chance to win substantial amounts with progressive jackpots ranging from £500 to a whopping £50,000 every day. These aren’t just any prizes; they grow bigger over time until someone wins.

This means the longer it goes without a winner, the larger the prize gets. So, each time you play bingo or try your luck on game machines, you’re in for a shot at these life-changing sums of money.

Besides these exciting jackpots, Shipleys hosts events that make every visit special. From electronic bingo deals that offer great value for money to morning, afternoon and evening sessions available every day—there’s always something happening.

With 24-hour sites, you can join the fun anytime that suits you best. Whether it’s grabbing a seat for a main session or popping in after shopping nearby at Aldi or Tesco, Shipleys makes sure there’s always an event waiting for you.

Access Features and Customer Amenities

Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster offers free parking, so you can leave your car securely and step inside without worry. The venue is open all day, every day – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This means you can enjoy your favourite games whenever you like.

Inside, you’ll find more than just bingo and slot games. Shipleys provides free refreshments too. Enjoy freshly ground coffee among other treats, completely on the house while you play.

Whether it’s traditional reel-based games or the latest slots with high-definition screens that catch your eye, there’s something here for everyone to try their luck on.

Promotions and Seasonal Offers at Shipleys Bingo

At Shipleys Bingo, they know how to keep things exciting with their promotions and special events. From holiday surprises to daily deals, you’ll always find something new to enjoy.

Details on Regular and Seasonal Promotions

Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster offers promotions that keep you coming back for more. Regular deals include discounted game nights and free play opportunities on select days like Wednesday and Friday.

You can enjoy bingo for as little as £10, making fun affordable any day of the week.

Seasonal promotions get even better, especially around Christmas and other holidays. Jackpots soar between £500 and £50,000 during these special events. Plus, new gaming machines with HD screens often launch with exclusive opportunities to win.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page or contact them directly for the latest news on what’s happening at Shipleys Kidderminster.


You’ve learned about Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster, a place full of games and joy. Here, you can play many bingo and slot games every day. With options from £10 to £60 for electronic bingo and up to £30 for traditional ones, there’s something for everyone.

They even offer big jackpots between £500 and £50,000. Join them at 38 New Road, Kidderminster, or call 01562 820673 to find out more. So go ahead, take part in the fun at Shipleys Bingo Kidderminster – it’s where the excitement lives!