Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park

Looking for a fun night out in Wolverhampton? You might be tired of the same old pubs and clubs. Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park offers a fresh alternative for your evening entertainment.

Located at 377 Lichfield Rd, this recently renovated venue promises exciting bingo sessions and more. You’ll find details on opening times, game prices, and special promotions in this guide.

Get ready for a brilliant night out at Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park.

Exploring Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park, formerly Gala Wolverhampton Ashmore Park, sits at 377 Lichfield Rd, Wolverhampton. You’ll find this bingo hall in a small retail park, near the canal bridge.

It’s easily accessible by bus or car, with ample parking available.

Inside, you’re greeted by a lively atmosphere. The club boasts electronic bingo touchpads, popular slots games, and jackpots up to £500. You can enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious snacks while playing.

For new members, there are special benefits to kickstart your bingo journey at Buzz Ashmore Park.

Club Opening Times in Wolverhampton

Club Opening Times in Wolverhampton

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park welcomes you every day of the week. Check the table below for specific hours:

DaysOpening Hours
Monday – Friday11:30 am – 1 am
Saturday10 am – 1 am
Sunday12 pm – 1 am

You’ll find extended hours on Saturdays, starting at 10 am. Sundays offer a later start at noon. The club stays open until 1 am every night, giving you ample time to enjoy your favourite games.

Session Schedules and Pricing Details

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park offers varied sessions and prices to suit your budget and schedule.

Afternoon (Mon-Wed, Fri, Sun)£5
Afternoon (Thu)£2
Afternoon (Sat)£10
Evening (Mon-Wed)£5
Evening (Thu)£2
Evening (Fri)£15
Evening (Sat-Sun)£10

Electronic ticket packages

  • Platinum: 60 games for £10
  • Diamond: 72 games for £12
  • Paper tickets: 6 games for £3
  • Electronic tickets: 10 games for £15-£55

These options cater to different preferences and budgets. You can choose based on your playing style and time availability.

Current Promotions and Events

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park offers exciting promotions and events for bingo enthusiasts. You’ll find a variety of deals and special occasions to enhance your gaming experience.

  • £1.99 Bingo: Play affordable games with this budget-friendly option
  • Half Price Bingo: Enjoy discounted sessions on select days
  • Saturday Social Club: Gather with friends for weekend fun
  • Safe Cracker Bingo: Try your luck at cracking the code for prizes
  • Go Go Bingo: Fast-paced games for quick thrills
  • Party Time Special: Celebrate with themed bingo nights
  • New member offer: Play for £5 on your first and second visits
  • Community Jackpot prize: Current pot stands at £8,733
  • Million Dollar Men – Wolverhampton: Event on 21-22 September, tickets £15.00
  • Special stamps: Safe Cracker, Big Buzz Special, Party Time Special, Cashbuilder Stamp

Features and Services at Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park

At Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park, you’ll find more than just bingo. You can enjoy slot machines, grab a bite, and sip on your favourite drink – all under one roof.

Dining and Beverage Choices

You’ll find a variety of dining options at Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park. The bar serves freshly prepared food, catering to different tastes and dietary needs. Gluten-free and vegetarian choices are available, ensuring everyone can enjoy a meal while playing.

Patrons have praised the quality and selection of food offerings.

The venue offers a range of beverages to complement your bingo experience. From soft drinks to alcoholic options, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The bar staff are known for their friendly service, adding to the overall positive atmosphere of the club.

Variety of Slot Games

At Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park, you’ll find a diverse array of slot games to suit every taste. From classic fruit machines to modern video slots, there’s something for everyone. On Thursdays, you can play the latest slot games for free – a perfect opportunity to try new titles without spending a penny.

For those seeking extra excitement, slot tournaments run every Thursday, offering chances to win big prizes while competing against fellow players.

The club boasts jackpot slots with potential payouts of up to £500. These progressive games build up substantial prize pools, adding an extra thrill to your gaming session. Whether you prefer simple three-reel classics or complex multi-line video slots, Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park caters to all preferences.

Regular updates ensure fresh content, keeping the gaming floor dynamic and engaging for repeat visits.

Benefits for New Members

As a new member at Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park, you’ll enjoy £5 play on your first and second visits. This offer gives you a chance to explore the club’s atmosphere and games without breaking the bank.

You’ll also get discounts on food, drinks, and slots – perfect for a full night out.

Join a vibrant community of bingo enthusiasts at Buzz Bingo. You’ll make new friends, share laughs, and potentially win big. The club’s welcoming staff will help you settle in quickly, ensuring you feel part of the Buzz family from day one.

Directions to Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park

Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park sits conveniently in the Wednesfield area. Here’s how to reach this popular bingo spot:

  • Take bus lines 57, 59, 69, or 703 to nearby stops at Fitzmaurice Rd or Oak Meadow Primary School
  • Catch a train to Wolverhampton station – first train arrives at 08:01, last departs at 00:26
  • Drive via Lichfield Road, following signs for Ashmore Park
  • Use local taxi services for door-to-door transport
  • Park in the club’s free on-site car park
  • Access is wheelchair-friendly with level entry and lifts available


You’re now equipped to enjoy Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park. This vibrant club offers diverse gaming options, tasty food, and exciting promotions. You’ll find affordable sessions, convenient hours, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Remember to play responsibly and within your means. Get ready for thrilling bingo nights and potential jackpot wins at this newly renovated Wolverhampton hotspot.