Shipleys Bingo Worcester

Shipleys Bingo Worcester

Finding the right place to enjoy a night of bingo in Worcester can be challenging. You want fun, excitement, and perhaps a win. Shipleys Bingo Worcester stands out as your go-to venue.

Located on Broad Street, this club brings together regulars eager for a chance at the jackpot around the clock.

Here, we’ll guide you through everything Shipleys has to offer—from exciting games of bingo and slot machines to live events that keep the excitement going. Plus, tips on making your visit memorable are just ahead.

Experience Premier Bingo at Mecca Wednesbury Cross

Mecca Wednesbury Cross, set in West Midlands, England, offers you exceptional bingo with both traditional and modern touchscreen options. They have a wide range of slot machines that keep players entertained.

People love the helpful staff and the variety of games available.

Food and drink choices are vast at Mecca Wednesbury Cross. If you’re over 18 years old, join us to play and win. For more details on how to get involved or our opening times, please contact Mecca Bingo and Slots Wednesbury Cross directly.

Explore Slot Machines and Gaming Options

Shipley’s Gaming brings you an exciting collection of slot machines, where jackpots reach up to £50,000 every day. With games starting every six minutes, your chances to achieve significant prizes are countless.

Explore popular titles like Rainbow Riches and Mighty Black Knight – all available both in clubs and online for your convenience.

For over half a century since 1969, Shipley’s has been a hub for dedicated players looking for that next big win. You’ll find slot games that offer hefty rewards of £500 jackpots, making each session exciting.

Whether you’re playing from the comfort of your home or in one of our lively bingo halls across Great Britain, the excitement never stops.

Savour Delicious Meals and Refreshments

You’ll love the free refreshments on offer, including freshly ground coffee to keep you energised. The menu takes a page from history with savouries that hark back to the Victorian and Edwardian era.

Think devilled kidneys, Welsh rarebit, and potted cheese – classic dishes that add an old-world charm to your visit. For something a bit different, try the devilled chicken livers recipe available.

It’s clear people enjoy these unique tastes; they’ve shared their excitement about trying these recipes themselves. While playing engaging games of bingo and slots, relish in these delightful meals and snacks for a truly enjoyable time.

Enjoy Live Entertainment and Events

Shipleys Bingo venues bring you live entertainment and events. Find music shows, comedy nights, and more in a comfortable modern spot. All venues are fully air-conditioned. Guests get free coffee and other drinks.

Shipleys Bingo also invites people with a happy mood to join their team. Get ready for fun times at Shipleys.

Check Facebook or contact us to know what’s on soon. Whether it’s music that gets you moving or laughter from a comedy show, we’ve organised it all for you. So come over, enjoy the show, and maybe even meet new friends!

How to Book Your Bingo Session

Booking your bingo session at Shipley’s Bingo Worcester is simple and straightforward. With online play available 24 hours a day, you can join the fun anytime.

  1. Visit the official website to find us easily. It’s always open for you to browse upcoming events and sessions.
  2. Look for the “Book Now” button on the homepage. This will take you right to where you need to go.
  3. Choose the date and time that suits you best. We have slots available every Monday to Friday afternoon, with School Run Bingo £10 from 11am to 2:15pm or play all day for £20.
  4. Create an account if you haven’t already. This makes future bookings faster and lets you manage your current sessions.
  5. Select the number of tickets you want to buy. Whether it’s just for you or a group, we’ve got room for everyone. Check prices easily; there are options for every budget, starting from just £10. Confirm your booking by paying securely online. They accept various payment options, so choose what works best for you.
  6. Download the My Mecca Club App as an alternative way to book and manage your visits more smoothly.
  7. Prepare for your visit by checking our location and operating times — we’re around town, ready to welcome you.

Each session promises exciting jackpots ranging from £500 to £50,000 in fully air-conditioned venues with free refreshments served during bingo sessions.

Location and Operating Times

Shipley’s Bingo Worcester is at 13-14 Broad Street, Worcester, WR1 3LH. You can call them on 0190 520 642. This place is special because it’s open all day and night on most days. That means you can play bingo in the morning, afternoon, or some evenings too.

They follow rules set by the Gambling Commission with account numbers 46781, 1571, 796, and 46777 to keep everything fair and safe for you.

For more details about what games are happening or if there are any changes to times, check their website at Here you’ll find info on when to come for bingo sessions or other fun stuff they have going on.


Find all you need at Shipleys Bingo Worcester for a great time. Play bingo, try your luck on slot machines, and catch live shows. Enjoy tasty food and drinks too.

Visit us at 13/14 Broad Street, Worcester. Open most days, 24 hours – fun never stops here!