Ritz Bingo Belper

Ritz Bingo Belper

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a game of bingo in Belper? Many find themselves unsure where to turn for an evening filled with fun, friends, and the chance to win prize money.

Ritz Bingo on King Street offers just that – an unmatched bingo experience. Located centrally in DE56 1QA, this venue opens its doors wide from Sunday to Saturday, making it easy for you to join a session whenever suits you best.

Your search ends here if you’re after a vibrant atmosphere and friendly faces at your next bingo night out. With free membership available on your first visit and sessions running multiple times a week including afternoons on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday – there’s always an opportunity waiting for you at Ritz Bingo Belper‘s family-run hall.

Exploring Ritz Bingo Belper

Ritz Bingo Belper sits on King Street, DE56 1QA, right near Derby. This spot is a small, family-run club where everyone smiles and says hello. You’ll find the service excellent and the snacks and drinks won’t empty your wallet.

With an overall score of five out of five based on nine reviews, people love it here.

Inside, you can join in bingo every night or pick an afternoon session if that suits you better. The main session might be your golden ticket to a big win; maybe even hit a progressive jackpot! Every detail—from the dabber you get for marking your paper to choosing whether to play tabletop or electronic bingo—feels just right for a fun evening out.

Plus, with regular updates on their Facebook page and tickets priced kindly for your pocket, it’s easy to plan ahead for a visit.

Getting to Ritz Bingo on King Street

Finding Ritz Bingo on King Street, Derby DE56 1QA, England, is easy. If you have questions about the route or need more details, call them at 01773 824759. You can also reach out through email or their Facebook page for directions.

This bingo hall lies near amazing spots like Elaichi and The Black Swan — perfect for grabbing a bite before or after your game. Plus, Belper Memorial Gardens and St Peter’s Church are close by, making it an ideal spot if you’re looking to combine your visit with some local sightseeing.

Getting there won’t be a hassle as it’s well connected and right in the mix of popular attractions. Whether you plan to drive or take public transport, accessibility is guaranteed.

Drivers will find ample parking space at the rear car park – so no worries about finding a spot for your car. For those preferring trains, check Connections from nearby train stations which bring you within walking distance of your exciting evening of bingo at Ritz Bingo Belper come June 2024 or any time beyond!

Times and Costs of Bingo Sessions

Ritz Bingo Belper offers various sessions to fit your schedule. Here’s what you need to know.

DaySession TimesCost
Sunday5:30pm to 10pm£12 – £14
Monday to Saturday5:30pm to 10pm£12 – £14
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (Afternoon)12noon to 3pmMain session books at £12
Special Session: Tenner TuesdayN/A£10

You get a choice, evening sessions cost between £12 and £14. For a bargain, visit on Tenner Tuesday—every book just £10. Plan your visit to Ritz Bingo on King Street. Enjoy the games, and maybe win it all.

Winning Big: Prizes and Jackpots at Ritz Bingo

At Ritz Bingo, prizes soar. You could grab over £5,000 in jackpots. Every main session game guarantees a minimum win of £5 during afternoons and £10 in the evenings. Fancy a Golden Chance? It might net you up to £250.

The real kicker is the National Game with a prize pool of up to £50,000 waiting for someone lucky. And let’s not forget about the Golden 7’s Jackpot—afternoons and evenings both offer at least a £5 or £10 win.

Your chance of winning big here isn’t just talk; it’s backed by solid numbers. Full House Prize Money shifts with each session, giving everyone fair shots at walking away richer. With such inviting prospects every visit Belper makes to Ritz Bingo could turn into an unforgettable bingo evening where fortunes change with the call of numbers.

So pull up a chair, mark your card, and watch as luck unfolds before your eyes.

Features at Ritz Bingo Belper

At Ritz Bingo Belper, the fun never stops. Grab a drink at their bar, feel the warmth of being part of a community, and get ready for an unforgettable day or night out.

Enjoy Drinks at the Licensed Bar

Patrons always rave about the licensed bar at Ritz Bingo Belper. Here, you find drinks at good prices. Home-cooked food adds to your night out with friends, making it more enjoyable.

This spot is a hit for anyone looking for fun and relaxation after a game of bingo or cinema visit on King Street.

The licensed bar stands out as a key feature in this family-run social club, offering a cosy space to chat and unwind. It’s recommended if you’re planning an evening that combines delicious snacks, refreshing glasses of your favourite beverages, and lively social interactions—truly making Ritz Bingo worth a visit for those memorable outings.

Experience the Community Spirit

At Ritz Bingo Belper, joining the game means more than just marking numbers. You become part of a family. The club, run by a close-knit team, welcomes everyone with warmth. Here, over 18s sign up at no cost and start games quickly.

Visit once, and you’ll see smiles and hear laughter filling the room.

You won’t just play; you’ll share stories and celebrate wins together. This spot on King Street is where friends meet. It’s common to find people cheering for their own success and for others’ too.

Tripadvisor reviews often mention how staff go out of their way to make sure everyone feels included, creating an air of community spirit hard to find elsewhere.

Advice for New Bingo Players

Stepping into Ritz Bingo Belper offers you a warm welcome and the perfect chance to grasp bingo basics. With traditional British bingo, fair winning odds, and a cosy setting complete with a licensed bar and homemade food, it’s an ideal starting point.

  1. Arrive early to familiarise yourself with the site. This gives you time to settle in and check out the facilities.
  2. Ask staff for help if you’re unsure about how to play. They’re there to ensure you have a great time.
  3. Start with paper and dabbers for an authentic experience; it’s easy to follow along.
  4. Set a budget before you play to avoid spending more than intended.
  5. Join afternoon sessions during the week; they’re less busy and give you a better chance to learn at your own pace.
  6. Pay attention to the caller and your cards – staying alert increases your chances of winning.
  7. Celebrate wins with others around you – it’s part of the fun and community spirit.
  8. Make friends; regulars can share tips and make your visits more enjoyable.
  9. Explore nearby restaurants on King Street after playing – they offer various cuisines for a lovely end to your day.

Follow these steps, and soon, you’ll enjoy playing at Ritz Bingo Belper and might also bring home some exciting prizes!


Ritz Bingo in Belper gives you the best bingo adventure. With free membership and games every day, it’s easy to join and play. You’ll find traditional bingo with big prizes making each game exciting.

The hall offers drinks, food, and a friendly community feel. For new players, they give clear advice to start your fun experience. Discover all this on King Street for an unmatched bingo adventure in 2024.