Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Looking for a fun evening out in Shrewsbury with friends or family? Perhaps you’re keen on finding a bingo hall that offers more than just games. Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury ticks all these boxes, located right at Castle Gates, vibrant with the spirit of both old and new.

With its rich history transitioning from a grand theatre to a bustling modern bingo club, it’s where past meets present.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury – from opening times and game prices to food options and special events. If gaming is your thing, or if you’re simply curious about what makes this club a local favourite, stay tuned.

Let’s get started!

Review of Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury Club

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury Club stands out, with a TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5. They take customer feedback seriously and reply to 97% of negative reviews. As part of the largest bingo network in Britain, this club offers an extensive space for visitors to play and enjoy.

The venue is set within a former cinema at Unit 1 Castle Marina Road, NG7 1TN, Nottingham, United Kingdom – adding charm and history to your playing experience.

Visitors praise the staff for being fun and friendly, boosting the overall atmosphere. It’s ranked as one of the top three bingo halls on Trustpilot in its category. Whether you fancy traditional paper games or prefer modern electronic touchpads, there are options available for every type of player.

With sessions running throughout the workweek and weekend at various times, flexibility is key here. Prices vary but always aim to give value for money – check their website or contact them directly for the latest details on session times and ticket costs.

Opening Times at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury? Get the scoop on their opening hours right here. It’s all about making your time enjoyable and fun.

  1. From Monday to Thursday, doors open at 11:30 am and close at 10:00 pm. Perfect for some daytime or evening play.
  2. Fridays get an early start at 11:00 am, with closing time also at 10:00 pm. Begin your weekend with some excitement.
  3. Saturday stretches a bit longer, from 11:00 am all the way until 11:00 pm. More time for fun and games.
  4. Sunday hours are different, starting later at 5:00 pm but still closing at 11:00 pm. End your week on a high note.

Keep these times in mind so you can plan your visit just right. Whether it’s slots, drinks, or bingo you’re after, knowing when to arrive makes everything better.

Session Times and Prices at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury has your entertainment sorted with various session times and prices that cater to every budget. Take a look at the details to plan your visit effectively.

SessionTimePaper Ticket PriceTouchpad Ticket PriceElectronic Main Ticket PriceOptional Extras
Afternoon Sessions12:00 pm£3 – £10£4 – £62£5 – £55Safe Cracker, Cash Builder Jackpot
Evening Sessions9:00 pm£3 – £10£4 – £62£5 – £55Safe Cracker, Cash Builder Jackpot

You’ll find that prices for bingo sessions at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury range from £3 to £15, making it an affordable option for a fun outing. Whether you prefer traditional paper or the modern touchpad tickets, there’s something for everyone. And, with electronic main tickets priced between £5 and £55, you can choose the level of spending that suits you best. Optional extra games like Safe Cracker and Cash Builder Jackpot are also available to add to the excitement. So, grab your friends, pick your session, and get ready for an exciting day or evening at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury.

Events Hosted by Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury brings excitement with bingo and live shows. You enjoy special deals as a new member, like cheaper bingo and extra slot machine plays. Look out for Half Price Bingo, the Saturday Social Club, and Super Sunday for fun times.

This place sits at Castle Gates, ready to entertain. Find event listings on Skiddle to catch what’s coming up next.

They spent £1.4 million making the Shrewsbury site exceptional. Whether you’re into spinning slots or playing British version bingo, there’s something here for you. Make sure to check their Facebook page or contact them for updates on events happening now or planned soon.

It’s all about good times, so come ready to play responsibly and have loads of fun.

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury: Additional Information

Looking for a bite or a sip? Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury has you covered with its range of snacks and drinks. Plus, finding where to stay, getting in touch, and discovering what’s on offer is easy – just check out the extra bits like hotels close by and how to get there!

Food and Drink Options at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

At Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury, you find a menu full of choices. You can pick from starters, main courses, and desserts. Every dish comes at a good price and uses fresh ingredients from local farms.

If you need gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan food, they have those options too. For kids, there’s a special menu with smaller portions.

You also enjoy bar deals any day of the week. This means you always get to sip on something tasty while playing bingo or enjoying your meal. Everything about the food and drink at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury aims to keep you happy and coming back for more.

Contact Information and Facilities at Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury sits at Castle Gates, a spot easy to reach if you’re planning a visit. Dial 01743 351252 for any questions or send an email to [email protected] for quick replies.

This place isn’t just about bingo; it boasts facilities that cater to everyone’s needs. There’s ample customer parking, so driving over is hassle-free. You’ll find toilets, a restaurant for a meal break, and a bar to grab drinks without leaving the venue.

Need cash? There’s an ATM on site. The club also ensures everyone can join in the fun—with disabled access and hearing aids available.

Close by are bus routes and the train station making your trip easier if public transport is your choice. Buzz Bingo keeps its doors open wide for visitors looking forward to playing bingo or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of what used to be an old theatre, now remarkable with its distinctive pillars.

Nearby Hotels and Accommodation Options

You’re looking for a place to stay near Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury. The area offers a wide range of hotels close to the club, ensuring you find the perfect spot to rest after enjoying a night of bingo and live events.

  1. The Shrewsbury Hotel: Located just a short walk from the centre, this hotel offers affordable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Guests enjoy easy access to local shops and restaurants.
  2. Premier Inn Shrewsbury Town Centre: Nestled in the historic part of town, this hotel boasts comfortable beds and a hearty breakfast option to start your day right. It’s a few minutes’ drive from the club.
  3. Abbots Mead Hotel: A family-run establishment that provides a cosy stay in the heart of Shrewsbury. With free parking available, it caters well to guests who travel by car.
  4. Holiday Inn Express Shrewsbury: Offers modern rooms with excellent amenities including breakfast and high-speed internet. Positioned on the outskirts, it’s great for quick access to both the town centre and Buzz Bingo.
  5. Lion + Pheasant Hotel: A unique boutique hotel with stylish rooms, located on Wyle Cop. They offer fine dining options and are within walking distance from an array of local attractions.
  6. Mercure Shrewsbury Albrighton Hall Hotel & Spa: For those seeking luxury, this 4-star hotel set in an 18th-century manor promises comfort and relaxation with its spa facilities and scenic surroundings.

Binding links all these options is their proximity to Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury, customer parking availability for easy access, and their inclusion in updates about upcoming events through newsletters customised for visitors like you.

Directions to Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury

Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury stands out with its distinctive pillars on Castle Gates. Finding it is easy due to its central location and £1.4 million improvement making it hard to miss.

  1. From the train station, head straight towards the town centre. The club is a short walk, located at SY1 2AG.
  2. If you’re driving, set your satellite navigation for SY1 2AG. Ample parking spaces are available around the area.
  3. Buses stop regularly at stops close to Castle Gates. Look for buses heading to the town centre.
  4. Cyclists can take advantage of bike racks near the entrance of Buzz Bingo.
  5. For pedestrians, follow signs for the town centre; Buzz Bingo is near major landmarks thanks to its central site.
  6. Check Buzz Bingo’s website for a map and more detailed directions if needed.
  7. Always confirm session times before you leave; they could change.
  8. Other options like ‘stop at the station’ hint at nearby transport links for easier access.

Whether you’re coming by foot, bike, car, or public transport, reaching Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury is straightforward from any part of town.


You now know all about Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury. From opening times and prices to the special events they hold, every detail is clear. This place gives you more than just a chance to play bingo; it’s where fun meets friends, any day of the week.

With food and drink on hand, plus legal gambling support, you’re set for a good time. Take those steps, join in the games and enjoy everything Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury offers.