Buzz Bingo Fenton

Buzz Bingo Fenton

Looking for a spot in Stoke-on-Trent where the fun never stops, and your chances to win are always high? Buzz Bingo Fenton is your go-to venue. With ticket prices starting as low as £1.99, they offer both paper and electronic bingo games that cater to every player’s budget and preference.

Buzz Bingo Fenton isn’t just about bingo; you’ll find events like the Big Buzz Special and Community Pot-of-Gold adding excitement to every visit. Whether you’re planning an afternoon outing or an evening of entertainment, session times fit seamlessly into your schedule.

The club also rolls out hundreds of prizes weekly – including regular jackpots up to £50,000.

This blog will guide you through everything from ticket prices and session times, upcoming events, facilities on offer, food and drink options available at the club – essentially all you need before making your trip down Victoria Road.

Expect no surprises—just pure fun!

Ready for a great time? Let’s get started!

Buzz Bingo Fenton Ticket Prices and Session Times

You’re keen to grasp the ticket prices and session times at Buzz Bingo Fenton. Look at the specifics without beating around the bush. Here’s what you need to know:

SessionTimePaper Ticket PriceTouchpad Ticket PriceCommunity Jackpot Stamps
Afternoon (Weekdays)1 pm£1.99 – £10£3 – £65£1 per 2 stamps
Afternoon (Weekends)1:30 pm£1.99 – £10£3 – £65£1 per 2 stamps
Evening7 pm£1.99 – £10£3 – £65£1 per 2 stamps

Now, you’re all set. With this table, your planning for a trip to Buzz Bingo Fenton becomes effortless. Yours is just to pick a time, decide on the type of ticket, and maybe snag a couple of community jackpot stamps for that extra bit of excitement. Just so you know, if you’re new, your first and second visits offer bingo sessions at just £5. Keep those timings in mind: 1 pm on weekdays for your afternoon fix, and a slight push to 1:30 pm during the weekend. Evening sessions start promptly at 7 pm. With operations running from 11:30 am to midnight, Monday through Thursday, and extending till 1 am from Friday to Sunday, Buzz Bingo Fenton fits perfectly into your schedule, no matter how busy you might be.

Upcoming Events at Buzz Bingo Fenton

Buzz Bingo Fenton hosts exciting events. Mark your calendar for these dates:

  1. Benidorm Bingo takes place on 07/06/2024, starting at 19:00. Tickets cost £15. Get ready for a night of fun.
  2. Big Buzz Special offers a chance to obtain big prizes. Check our Facebook page for the exact dates and times.
  3. GoGo Bingo introduces fast-paced action, perfect for excitement seekers. Details on session times are available online.
  4. Party Time Special is your go-to event for celebrating with friends. Dates vary, so visit our official website for more info.
  5. Community Pot-of-Gold has a jackpot of £11,209 waiting to be won. Join us on specific evenings to try your luck.

For all events, parking is free at Buzz Bingo Fenton, ensuring you have a hassle-free visit. Whether you’re new to bingo or a seasoned player, these events offer something for everyone.

Facilities and Amenities at Buzz Bingo Fenton

At Buzz Bingo Fenton, you get free parking, so you can bring your car without worry. If buses are better for you, hop on routes 6, 6A, or 50. This place has everything for a good time – from bingo and slots to winning jackpots of up to £50,000.

You’ll find lots of machines with the latest touchscreens. Feel like a new member? They’ve got promotions to welcome you right in.

Need something else? There’s even more inside. You’ll discover areas to relax and play slots after bingo games finish. Plus, they take care of everyone here – there’s space for all who come out to play! With bus stops nearby and enough room for every car in the car park at no extra cost – coming here is easy any day.

Food and Drink Options at Buzz Bingo Fenton

You get great deals on food and drink at Buzz Bingo Fenton. For new members, enjoy a burger or hotdog with chips and any soft drink for only £5. Plus, you can play slots with £10 but only pay £5 on your first two visits.

These offers make your time here even better. Enjoy tasty meals and refreshing beverages without spending much. So, grab something delicious to eat and drink while playing bingo or slots!

Additional Information about Buzz Bingo Fenton

For all you need to know about Buzz Bingo Fenton, there’s plenty on offer. From where to park your car, to how to get in touch, we’ve got the details ready for you.

Parking at Buzz Bingo Fenton

Buzz Bingo Fenton offers plenty of parking spots for everyone. The outdoor car park opens daily from 6 am to 6 pm. Here, you can leave your car with peace of mind because the area is secure and easy to access.

Note that the height limit is 2 metres, so make sure your vehicle fits before driving in.

Finding a spot won’t be an issue when you come to play bingo or slots at Buzz Bingo in Fenton. With its convenient location on Victoria Rd, right near Staffordshire University and Fenton Manor Sports Complex, getting here by car adds no fuss to your time playing.

Just pull in, park up, and step inside for a good time without worrying about where to leave your car.

Contact Details for Buzz Bingo Fenton

Need to get in touch with Buzz Bingo Fenton? Easy. Ring them at 01782 848400. Fancy sending an email instead? Shoot your questions or comments to [email protected]. For everything else, including opening times and prices, hop onto their official site:

It’s your one-stop spot for all things bingo – from getting a peek at the latest events to checking out what’s new on the menu. Plus, you’ll find handy bits like terms of service and info on public transport routes right there too.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, staying updated is simple with these details at hand.

Directions to Buzz Bingo Fenton

Finding Buzz Bingo Fenton is easy. It sits at Victoria Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2HX, ready for your next visit. Here’s how you can get there:

  1. Catch bus routes 6, 6A, or 50. These buses drop you close to the club.
  2. Use Moovit app for live directions. This tool shows real-time travel info.
  3. Look for bus stops near Victoria Road. They are right by Buzz Bingo Fenton.
  4. Walk from nearby landmarks. If you’re around Hanley, it’s a short trip to the club.
  5. Drive and enjoy free parking. There’s enough space for everyone visiting.
  6. Plan your visit between 12 am Monday to Thursday and until 1 am on Friday for late-night fun.
  7. Lakeland Court is another marker near the club if you need a visual cue.

Each step ensures you reach Buzz Bingo Fenton with ease, whether by bus or car, day or night.


Buzz Bingo Fenton has tickets from £1.99 to £65, so you can find a game that fits your budget. They host events like Big Buzz Special and Community Pot-of-Gold, making each visit exciting.

The club opens at different times every day, offering many chances to play. Enjoy snacks and drinks while you play slots or bingo in a cosy environment. With parking on site, getting there is easy.

You can also call or email if you need more details.

Why not give it a try? It’s fun and offers big prizes up to £50,000! Bring friends or meet new ones. Imagine the excitement of winning? That could be you at Buzz Bingo Fenton. So why wait? Head over for your next big win!