Buzz Bingo Hanley

Buzz Bingo Hanley

Looking for a fun day or night out in Hanley? Buzz Bingo Hanley might just be your perfect spot. Located at Albion Square, Stoke-on-Trent, this bingo club offers various games including the beloved British version of bingo, ample slot machines, and lively entertainment to ensure an exciting experience.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, Buzz Bingo Hanley caters to all.

Buzz Bingo Hanley opens its doors every day, ready to welcome you with varying session times that fit seamlessly into your schedule. With morning games starting from as little as £3 and evening sessions spiking up to £15 on weekends, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, they boast a well-stocked menu and refreshments area to keep your energy levels high. Learn what makes Buzz Bingo Hanley stand out – without any unnecessary jargon or fluff.

Excited yet? Keep reading….

Opening Times and Session Information at Buzz Bingo Hanley

Buzz Bingo Hanley is your go-to for exciting bingo and slot games. With varied opening times and sessions, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Doors open from Wednesday to Friday at 10am and close at 22:00, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your favourite games.
  2. On Saturdays, the excitement lasts an hour longer, with doors not closing until 23:00.
  3. Your game-play can start as early as noon with sessions running from 12:00 to 13:00.
  4. If afternoons are more your thing, catch a session from 13:00 to 14:35.
  5. Evening fun begins with short sessions from 18:00 to 18:45, perfect for a quick play before dinner.
  6. For the main event, join from 19:00 to 21:00 — prime time for winning.
  7. Don’t miss out on the late session starting at 21:15, ideal for night owls.

Each session offers a chance to win prizes in both traditional paper bingo and modern touchpad bingo. Whether you prefer the tactile feel of paper or the swift action on a touchscreen, Buzz Bingo Hanley has everything you need. Be sure to check session availability and book your spot for an unforgettable experience!

Buzz Bingo Hanley Ticket Prices

Here’s what you need to know about ticket prices at Buzz Bingo Hanley:

Session TimePaper Ticket PricesElectronic Ticket Prices
12:00 to 1:00£3Not Available
13:00 to 14:35£5Costs more than paper tickets
18:00 to 18:45Electronic Only£3 to £12
19:00 to 21:00£5£10 to £65
21:15Electronic Only£3 to £12

You see, prices differ based on the session and format. Choose what fits your budget and enjoy!

Menu and Beverages at Buzz Bingo Hanley

Buzz Bingo Hanley offers a tasty menu, full of options for everyone. You can enjoy the iconic chicken basket or pick from delicious veggie, vegan, and gluten-free foods. They make sure no one goes hungry while playing slots or bingo games.

Plus, they often have food and drink deals to save you money.

For drinks, Buzz Bingo Hanley has everything from hot tea and coffee to soft drinks. During special events like Benidorm Bingo and Safe Cracker Bingo, they might even offer unique beverages.

So, you’ll always find something refreshing to sip on as you play your favourite games or relax with friends.

Slot Machines and Jackpot Games at Buzz Bingo Hanley

Slot machines and jackpot games grab everyone’s attention at Buzz Bingo Hanley. You get to play the latest slot games for free on Thursdays.

  1. Jackpot Games shine, with a Community Jackpot prize standing at £11,209. This means you could achieve significant winnings.
  2. Every Thursday, Buzz Hanley invites you to spin the reels on new slot games at no charge. It’s your chance to try something new without spending a penny.
  3. Responsible gambling is key here. Measures are in place to help if gambling might be a problem for you.
  4. The slots room is popular, filled with machines that offer various themes and stakes. Whether you like ancient treasures or modern adventures, there’s a machine for you.
  5. UK Gambling Commission regulates all gambling activities here, ensuring fair play and legal compliance.
  6. On Facebook, Buzz Bingo Hanley updates you on new slots and jackpot games regularly. Keep an eye out for special promotions.
  7. Introducing live entertainment while you play slots adds excitement to your visit. You can enjoy great music and performances right from your seat.
  8. Playing slots doesn’t mean missing out on food and drinks. The menu offers delicious snacks and refreshing beverages to keep your tummy happy while you play.
  9. For new members, there are often deals that include free spins or plays on slot machines – a warm welcome.
  10. If Thursday’s free play hooks you, come back for more action every afternoon and evening from Monday to Saturday.

This list gives a glimpse into the fun waiting for you at Buzz Bingo Hanley’s slots room – where substantial jackpots await!

Facilities and Services at Buzz Bingo Hanley

At Buzz Bingo Hanley, you’re in for a treat with top facilities and services. They’ve got live shows to keep you entertained, and comfy seats so you can play bingo relaxed.

Live Shows and Entertainment

Buzz Bingo Hanley is not just about bingo. It’s a place where live entertainment shines too. Think singers, dancers, and even the Million Dollar Men have lit up the stage here. You’ll find these events on different days, offering a nice variety to pick from.

Looking for a night out? This venue has it all. Right in Stoke-on-Trent, near other fun spots, you can make a full evening of it. Drop by after checking out nearby hotels or Airbnb if you’re staying over.

With performances that light up your night and games that excite, Buzz Bingo Hanley delivers excitement beyond the bingo cards.

Seating Arrangements

Buzz Bingo Hanley offers 800 comfortable seats for your bingo sessions. Every chair is designed for long games, making sure you stay relaxed while playing. The hall ensures everyone finds a spot easily, thanks to their spacious layout.

You won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or finding a place to sit down. This setup lets you focus on your game and enjoy the lively atmosphere without any hassle. So, join in, pick a seat, and get ready for some fun times at the bingo hall.

Deals and Promotions at Buzz Bingo Hanley

Buzz Bingo Hanley offers great deals to make your game more exciting. You get more chances to win with these special offers.

  1. Half Price Bingo lets you play at half the cost on select days. This means double the fun without spending more.
  2. Saturday Social Club hosts special games with unique prizes every weekend. Gather your friends and join the excitement.
  3. Grab a Grand could see you walking away with £1,000 in cash. Just imagine winning big on a night out!
  4. New members enjoy a warm welcome with only £5 for their first and second visits. It’s an affordable way to start your bingo adventure.
  5. Enjoy free spins, bonus cash, and loyalty rewards through latest promotions. Each visit could bring unexpected bonuses.
  6. Purchase jackpot stamps for just £1 or grab extra tickets at reduced prices during special promotions. These little extras boost your chances of hitting it big.
  7. Buy different ticket types – bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond – according to your budget and desire to win.

These offers are sure to get your tummy rumbling for a victory!


You’ve learnt lots about Buzz Bingo Hanley. Its doors open for fun every day, with prices and times to suit everyone. You can eat, drink, play bingo or slots – all in one spot. Special deals make your visits better.

Why not give it a try?