Winners Bingo Thetford

Winners Bingo Thetford

Discover Winners Bingo Thetford, a lively spot for bingo fans seeking fun and games. This place stands out with its free membership and “Think 25” rule to make sure everyone plays responsibly.

Open six days a week, each day brings a different schedule of games including special Monday evening sessions priced at £15 for a full book. Not just about bingo, the club also arranges transport from various places making it easy to get there.

With high ratings based on player reviews, it’s clear why many choose Winners Bingo for their entertainment. Plus, with extra events and activities beyond bingo, there’s always something going on.

Overview of Winners Bingo in Thetford

At Winners Bingo in Thetford, fun waits for no one! Located at 19A Guildhall St, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2DT, this venue is your go-to spot for an engaging game of bingo. With doors open six days a week – Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat from 11 am to 10 pm and Tue, Thu from 10 am to 10 pm; Sundays welcome you a bit later at 11:30 am but stick around until the same closing time.

Get ready to shout “Bingo!” in a place designed for winners.

Joining is free and easy with their open door policy on membership. Just note their ‘Think 25’ rule ensures everyone has safe and responsible fun. Need more info before you head over? Catch them on any channel; dial up Winners Bingo via phone at 01842 752279 or hit up their digital home for everything from game schedules to extra services.

Don’t miss out on special link games and exciting flyers that bring even more chances to win each visit. Ready to play responsibly while having the time of your life? Winners Bingo awaits!

Club Location and Accessibility

Winners Bingo in Thetford, Norfolk, makes getting there a breeze. It’s set up for easy access, whether you’re driving or taking public transport. If you’re coming from far away places, don’t worry.

There are bingo buses that pick up members from various locations around the region. These fun flyers make your trip to the club simple and enjoyable.

For those who prefer driving, finding a spot for your car won’t be hard either. The club is well placed in Thetford, making it reachable without hassle from different directions. Plus, if you’re new to Winners Bingo or thinking about joining – welcome aboard! The staff love meeting new people and will help get you started once you arrive.

Do remember though, you must be over 18 to become a member and join in on the fun.

Opening Hours at Winners Bingo

You’re planning a visit to Winners Bingo Thetford and need the scoop on their opening hours. Well, you’re in luck. The club rolls out the red carpet for bingo fans six days a week.

From Tuesday to Saturday, doors swing open at 11 am sharp, inviting you in for a day filled with fun and games. If Sundays are more your speed, no worries – they start just a tad later at 11:30 am.

Now, let’s talk about how long you can stay and play. Monday through Wednesday plus Friday and Saturday, the excitement lasts until 10 pm. Thursdays share this same closing time but get an early start at 10 am instead of 11 am, giving you that extra hour of bingo bliss.

Regarding afternoon sessions, these aren’t an everyday affair but are available on specific days arranged to provide variety throughout your week. This schedule offers flexibility for everyone; whether you’re an early bird or someone who enjoys leisurely afternoons before diving into evening activities – Winners Bingo has something for everyone within its operational blueprint.

Game Schedules and Pricing Details

Check out Winners Bingo in Thetford for their game schedules and pricing details. They’ve set up everything to make your bingo visit fun and easy to plan. Here’s a quick rundown:

Monday Evening6:15 PM£15 for 6 All in One Book
Afternoon Cashpot12 NoonVaries
Evening Cashpot6:15 PMVaries

Session times are set, so planning your visit is straightforward. Prices are clear too, like on Monday evening when it’s £15 for 6 All in One Book. Cashpot games add extra excitement, starting at 12 Noon for the afternoon session and 6:15 PM for the evening. Prices for these vary, so it’s a good idea to check in advance. There’s always someone to answer your questions, with FAQs available for all your queries.

Amenities and Services Offered

Winners Bingo in Thetford has a lot to offer. From tasty food to fun events, there’s something for everyone.

Other Bingo Venues Nearby

Thetford offers more than Winners Bingo for your enjoyment. Explore these other places nearby to play bingo.

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Player Feedback and Reviews

Players give Winners Bingo in Thetford high marks. They rate it 4.3 out of 5 from nine reviews. Management and culture both get solid scores too, at 4.1 each.

Many players find answers to their questions in the FAQs section before visiting. This shows you value clear and helpful information about your bingo experience.

Contact Information for Winners Bingo

You can call Winners Bingo Thetford on 01842 752279 if you have questions or want to book a spot. For sending an email, use [email protected]. It’s easy to get in touch with them.

Make sure you’re ready with ID that proves you’re old enough, following their ‘Think 25’ policy.


Winners Bingo in Thetford is your go-to spot for fun and excitement. It sits at 19A Guildhall St, welcoming everyone over 18 with open arms. Here, you can join free and immediately participate in games any afternoon or evening.

They keep things fresh with regular updates on what’s happening. So, choose Winners Bingo for an unbeatable mix of fun, friendship, and the opportunity for great wins!