Winners Bingo Wisbech

Winners Bingo Wisbech

Discover the fun and excitement at Winners Bingo in Wisbech, a place that offers games and joy on Thursday and Saturday afternoons, plus five evenings a week. Doors swing open at 5:30 pm for evening plays.

You can join for free right when you get there. This club is part of bigger games across the country, giving you a shot at big wins. Evening prices change; it’s £1.50 per go or £6 for 10 goes on Mondays, more on weekends and Wednesdays.

They even have special buses to make getting there easy from many places. Inside, find a big room perfect for groups wanting to have fun together with tasty snacks and drinks, not costing much at the Buffet and Bar.

Need to talk? Ring them at 01945 583532 or drop an email to [email protected]. Joining is easy; just show up! And don’t worry about how you’ll get there – those special Bingo Buses have got you sorted.

Get ready for some great times ahead!

Discover Winners Bingo in Wisbech

Winners Bingo in Wisbech stands out as a favourite spot among locals and visitors from the region. Situated in Cambridgeshire, this place offers an exciting escape with its array of bingo games.

People come here not just for the main session but also for early sessions and various optional extras that make every visit exciting.

The club is easy to reach, with special Bingo Buses bringing guests from different areas directly to its doors. Once inside, you’re greeted by an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for the numbers to be called.

Doors open early, allowing you plenty of time to settle in before the excitement begins. With Winners Bingo having another location in Thetford, it’s clear they know how to create a memorable bingo experience that keeps players coming back.

Evening Bingo Sessions: Times and Prices

Evening bingo sessions at Winners Bingo Wisbech offer you fun and excitement. Doors open at 5:30pm. Get ready for an action-packed evening. The early session starts at 7pm. Main session kicks off at 7:40pm. Here’s everything you need to know about times and prices for a fantastic night out.

DayEarly SessionMain Session (10 Games)Optional Extras
Monday7pm£1.50 each (£6 for 4, £9 for 6)Early: 50p, Fun Flyer: £2, Link: 50p, Rainbow: £1, Golden Chance: £1 for 3, £2 for 6
Wednesday7pm£1.50 each (£6 for 4, £9 for 6)Early: 50p, Fun Flyer: £2, Link: 50p, Rainbow: £1, Golden Chance: £1 for 3, £2 for 6
Friday7pm£2 each (£8 for 4, £12 for 6)Early: 50p, Fun Flyer: £2, Link: 50p, Rainbow: £1, Golden Chance: £1 for 3, £2 for 6
Saturday7pm£2 each (£8 for 4, £12 for 6)Early: 50p, Fun Flyer: £2, Link: 50p, Rainbow: £1, Golden Chance: £1 for 3, £2 for 6
Sunday7pm£2 each (£8 for 4, £12 for 6)Early: 50p, Fun Flyer: £2, Link: 50p, Rainbow: £1, Golden Chance: £1 for 3, £2 for 6

Prices are affordable

Afternoon Bingo: Schedule and Costs

Explore the exciting afternoon bingo at Winners Bingo Wisbech, where the doors swing open at 11am sharp. Gear up for an exhilarating start with the Flyer at 12:15pm, leading you into the main session kicking off at 1pm. The best bit? It’s all about affordability with the Main Session priced at just £1.50 per ticket or grab a bargain with 4 tickets for only £6.

EventStart TimePrice
Doors Open11:00am
Main Session1:00pm£1.50 each / £6 for 4 tickets

Get ready for an afternoon packed with fun, friends, and the chance to win at Winners Bingo. You’re sure to enjoy every moment.

Explore the Facilities and Amenities at Winners Bingo

Winners Bingo in Wisbech welcomes you with a large traditional auditorium, perfect for groups. You’ll enjoy Link Games, connecting you to other clubs nationwide. The club sticks to a “Think 25” Policy to check age, making sure everyone has fun safely.

Joining is easy and free at the door.

The place offers more than bingo prices and news feeds; it’s set up for your comfort and entertainment. From the seats to the sound system, everything is made for an enjoyable visit.

Whether you come on Thursday or Saturday afternoons or one of five evenings each week, Winners Bingo gives an exceptional experience every time.

Food and Beverage Options Available

You’ll find great value snacks and drinks at Winners Bingo Wisbech. With their Buffet and Bar, you’re in for a treat.

  1. Enjoy a range of hot and cold beverages — from freshly brewed coffee to chilled soft drinks.
  2. Snack on light bites like crisps, sandwiches, and pastries available throughout the day.
  3. The bar serves up a selection of beers, wines, and spirits for those over 25, thanks to the ‘Think 25’ policy.
  4. Indulge in heartier fare with daily specials at the buffet — perfect for keeping your energy up during long sessions.
  5. Satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts and sweets from the snack counter.
  6. Stay hydrated with bottled water or juice options, also available at the bar.
  7. Treat yourself to a hot meal – choices often include classic dishes and vegetarian options.
  8. For any special dietary needs, just ask; the staff are happy to help when possible.

How to Contact Winners Bingo Wisbech

Want to get in touch with Winners Bingo in Wisbech? It’s easy— ring them on 01945 583532 or drop an email to [email protected]. Their team is ready to help, whether you’re joining as a new member or need directions.

Location and Contact Details

You can find Winners Bingo at the Independent Club on Blackfriars Road, Wisbech, PE13 1AT. This place is open for your bingo fun on Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Also, it welcomes players five evenings a week.

If you need to talk to someone or ask questions, call them directly at their phone number. They’re ready to help with any inquiries you might have about joining or what games are coming up next.

For getting there, several buses stop nearby, making it easy if you’re using public transport. Parking options are available too if you come by car. Joining is straightforward – just reach out through their contact details or visit in person during the club’s open hours for membership information.

It’s that simple to get started and join the community of bingo fans in Wisbech!

Club Email and Phone Number

To get in touch with Winners Bingo in Wisbech, send an email to [email protected]. If you prefer talking directly, call them at 01945 583532. This is the fastest way to ask questions or sort any concerns you might have about games, schedules, or memberships.

How to Join and Membership Details

Joining Winners Bingo Wisbech is easy and free. You can become a member right when you arrive, with no waiting.

  1. Show proof of age and ID at the entrance – you must be over 18.
  2. Fill out a short form with your details.
  3. Staff will welcome new members and guide them through the process.
  4. There’s no fee to join, making it accessible for everyone.
  5. Once signed up, explore the website for membership details and more information.
  6. Enjoy immediate access to games and facilities as soon as your membership is confirmed.

Joining gives you direct entry into a vibrant community where fun awaits at every visit.

Options for Transportation

Getting to Winners Bingo in Wisbech is easy and convenient. Special Bingo Buses run from various locations, ensuring you arrive on time for your favourite games. Here are your options:

  1. Ride the Special Bingo Bus – The best way to get there without the stress of driving. These buses pick up passengers at designated spots and drop them off right at the club.
  2. Drive Yourself – There’s ample parking available at the club if you prefer using your car.
  3. Use a Taxi Service – A quick and direct option, taxis can take you straight to the entrance.
  4. Bicycle Racks Available – For those who prefer cycling, secure racks ensure your bike stays safe while you play.
  5. Public Transport – Local bus routes stop near Winners Bingo, allowing for an easy journey from different parts of town.

These options allow everyone to find their best way to Winners Bingo Wisbech, promising a hassle-free visit every time.


Discover Winners Bingo in Wisbech, a place where fun meets friends and big wins. They open doors for you on Thursday and Saturday afternoons, plus five evenings a week. Joining is easy—membership is free at the door.

With a broad auditorium, it’s perfect for groups looking to share some excitement. They also offer Link Games, connecting players across clubs for bigger jackpots.

Evening bingo starts with doors swinging open at 5:30 pm; by 7 pm, the early game kicks off, followed by the main event at 7:40 pm. Fancy an afternoon session? They’ve got that too.

And don’t worry about hunger pangs—snacks and drinks serve up great value.

Keep your eyes peeled for special events and promotions—they spice things up regularly! Need more info or ready to join? Reach out through their club email or give them a ring; all details are just waiting to be used.

So grab your dabber, pull up a chair among friends old and new, and dive into the vibrant setting of Winners Bingo Wisbech—you’re in for excellent entertainment and perhaps even a lucky win!