Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green

Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green

Looking for a fun night out in Edmonton Green? Shipleys Bingo offers just that, with a twist of luxury and comfort. Nestled in the heart of Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, this bingo hall is not just about playing games; it’s an experience.

With various sessions throughout the week catering to everyone’s schedule and budget, Shipleys Bingo stands out as the go-to spot.

Your search ends here if you’re after entertainment packed with slot games, free refreshments, and vibrant online options. This article delves deeply into what makes Shipleys Bingo a beloved choice among locals—highlighting location details, game schedules, exclusive promotions, membership info, and more.

Ready to join the fun?

Exploring Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green

Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green sits right inside the bustling Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, offering a unique blend of luxury and excitement. This isn’t just any bingo hall; it’s an experience wrapped in comfort and style.

Open every day, around the clock, you’re welcomed into a world where free refreshments meet friendly competition from 10am to 10pm daily. The atmosphere is always safe and welcoming, making each visit memorable.

With games starting every day within those hours, you have ample opportunity to join the fun that online gaming fans rave about. Shipleys Bingo boasts a range of gaming machines alongside traditional bingo, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Rated 3.9 out of 7 reviews, players consistently find reasons to come back – whether it’s for the excitement of the game or the warmth of the community found here.

Finding Shipleys Bingo: Location and Contact Details

You can find Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. It stands out, easy for anyone to spot. The address leads you right there, no fuss. Need to chat or ask questions? Just call their phone number.

Better yet, join the conversation on their Facebook page. They welcome your calls and messages every day of the week.

Check Opening Times at Shipleys Bingo

Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring you never miss out on the fun. Games kick off from 10am and run right through until 10pm each day.

Whether it’s early morning or late at night, there’s always a bingo session ready to start. Participate in action any day of the week – Monday through Sunday – with uninterrupted access to your favourite pastime.

With Shipleys Bingo, your entertainment schedule aligns perfectly with their round-the-clock opening times; no need to alter your plans or check if they’re open – they always are.

Discover Bingo Games: Schedule and Ticket Prices

Discover the excitement at Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green, your go-to spot for daily bingo and slot games. You’re in for a treat with jackpots ranging between £500 and £50,000. Games kick off at 10 am and wrap up by 10 pm. Here’s your guide to the game schedules and ticket pricing, ensuring you make the most of your visit.

Time SlotGame TypePrice Range
10:00 – 12:00Morning Bingo£1 – £5
12:00 – 14:00Afternoon BingoFree Link – £10
14:00 – 16:00Late Afternoon Slots£0.50 – £10
16:00 – 18:00Early Evening Bingo£2 – £15
18:00 – 20:00Evening Bingo£5 – £20
20:00 – 22:00Night Slots & Bingo£1 – £25

You have a wide range of options, from early morning sessions to late-night games. Whether you prefer the fast pace of slots or the communal excitement of bingo, Shipleys meets your needs. With ticket prices starting as low as free for certain sessions and capping at £25 for a full-blown One Stop Deal, there’s something for every budget. Make sure to join us at Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green for a day filled with fun, friends, and perhaps fortune.

Upcoming Special Events and Exclusive Promotions

Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green has exciting events and exclusive promotions for you. Get ready for fun times and big wins with something special happening often.

  1. Weekly Jackpot Sessions: Play bingo any day of the week for a chance to win jackpots between £500 and £50,000.
  2. Super Sundays: Every Sunday, enjoy lower ticket prices and higher prizes. A great way to end your week on a high note.
  3. Birthday Bonanza: Celebrate your birthday month at Shipleys Bingo and receive free bingo tickets plus a special gift.
  4. Festive Specials: Join during Christmas or New Year’s Eve for themed games, extra prizes, and seasonal giveaways.
  5. Monthly Mega Draw: Every month, enter the draw to win exclusive prizes ranging from tech gadgets to free holiday trips.
  6. Early Bird Games: Come early in the morning for discounted game sessions—save money and increase your chances of winning.
  7. Member-Exclusive Deals: As a club member, get access to special deals like bonus points, free games, and discounts on food and drinks.
  8. Refer-a-Friend Rewards: Bring friends along to play at Shipleys Bingo, and you both receive extra playing credits or other rewards.
  9. Online Specials: Play online bingo through their website or mobile app for unique promotions available only to digital players.
  10. Anniversary Offers: On the anniversary of Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green, join in for a celebration filled with surprises, including free sessions and commemorative gifts.

Each event is thoughtfully organised to give you more ways to have fun and win big at Shipley’s Bingo Edmonton Green.

Explore Facilities and Services Available

Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green offers more than just a game. You’ll find a wide range of facilities designed to make your visit comfortable and exciting.

  1. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you flexibility for your visits.
  2. Luxury bingo from 10am to 10pm ensures excellent gaming experience.
  3. Enjoy free refreshments while you play, including freshly ground coffee to keep you alert.
  4. The venue boasts full air-conditioning, creating a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the weather outside.
  5. Check their Facebook page for photos of the venue, so you know what to expect before you arrive.
  6. Customer service desks are ready to assist with any queries or needs during your visit.
  7. Spacious seating arrangements allow for comfortable gameplay without feeling cramped.
  8. Secure parking makes it easy and safe for you to arrive by car at any hour.
  9. Toilet facilities are clean and well-maintained for convenience and comfort.
  10. Automated machines offer various games if you fancy something different from traditional bingo.

Each point is crafted to ensure your stay at Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green is nothing short of enjoyable and convenient, making it clear why many choose it as their preferred bingo hall.

Join the Club: Membership Process at Shipleys Bingo

Joining the club at Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green is easy and free. You must be over 18 years old to sign up. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the official website,, or come directly to the Edmonton Green location.
  2. Present a valid ID if you look younger than 25 years.
  3. Fill out a membership form with your details — name, address, and date of birth.
  4. Provide your contact information — email and phone number (+44 28 0887 6408) for updates on games and offers.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions to ensure you understand club rules and policies.
  6. Instantly receive your membership confirmation; no waiting required.

Now, as a member, you can enjoy all bingo games, special events, and promotions at Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green.

Additional Features at Shipleys Bingo

Shipleys Bingo has more to offer than just games at their club. They bring the fun online and into your hands with a website and an app, so you can play from anywhere.

Play Online Bingo

You can play bingo online any time, day or night. This option is always open 24/7. It’s free to join if you’re over 18. You’ll find exciting games like Rainbow Riches and Mighty Black Knight.

Every day, there are jackpots ranging from £500 to £50,000 waiting for you.

All you need is an internet connection to get started. Once you sign up, you can immediately enjoy these games from your home or anywhere else. Joining the online community allows you to experience all the fun of Shipleys Bingo without leaving your house.

Access Through Mobile App

Grab the Shipleys Bingo mobile app from Google Play. It’s a game changer for bingo and slot game lovers like you. The app gives you quick access to the latest promotions, making it easier than ever to start collecting your favorite offers.

Tap into a world of fun and excitement right from your phone, with all the best deals just a click away.

How to Reach Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green

Getting to Shipleys Bingo Edmonton Green is easy and convenient. It sits in the centre of London, making it accessible from various points.

  1. Take the train to Edmonton Green Station. The bingo hall is a short walk from there.
  2. Board buses like the 102, 144, or 149. They stop near the venue.
  3. If you’re driving, use your GPS to find the best route to London N9, where Shipleys Bingo awaits.
  4. Cyclists can lock their bikes near the entrance. Look for bike racks.
  5. Visitors coming from outside London might prefer flying into London City Airport and then taking public transport or a taxi.
  6. For those who need a taxi, local services know the area well and will get you there quickly.
  7. Use apps like Google Maps on your phone for real-time directions if you’re unsure about routes.

Each option ensures you reach Shipleys Bingo without hassle, ready to enjoy everything on offer.


Shipleys Bingo in Edmonton Green offers you a mix of fun, games, and social gatherings. You find it inside the bustling Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. With no cost to join and a rule that ages 18 and above can play, it’s easy to become a member.

Daily sessions vary in time and price, fitting anyone’s schedule. Special events bring extra excitement while free refreshments add to your comfort. It promises friendly vibes and safety for all players – making every visit worth it.