Mecca Bingo Acocks Green

Mecca Bingo Acocks Green

Looking for a fun night out in Acocks Green, Birmingham? You’re likely searching for a place where the games are exciting, and the prizes are tempting. Mecca Bingo Acocks Green ticks all those boxes with its wide variety of games and guaranteed big prize money every week.

This bingo club isn’t just about numbers; it’s a community hub where friends meet to enjoy good food, drinks, and entertainment.

At Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green, you’ll find more than just traditional bingo games. With tasty menu options including Harry Ramsden’s famous dishes and various facilities like disabled access and on-site parking, this venue promises an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Whether you prefer paper bingo or the electronic version with Mecca Max, there’s something here to catch your fancy. Ready to join the fun? Keep reading!

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green

Nestled just outside Birmingham City Centre, Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green stands as a beacon for bingo fans. This purpose-built hall on Stockfield Road doesn’t just play host to games; it’s a hub of excitement for anyone looking to enjoy the traditional British version of bingo, alongside modern electronic touchscreen bingo and a variety of slot machines.

With its doors open wide, welcoming locals and visitors alike, you’ll find one of the largest venues under The Rank Group umbrella here.

From the crack of dawn until late at night, this centre offers an array of sessions customised to every kind of player. Whether you’re aiming for a full house during bustling evening main events or testing your luck with slots before noon, Mecca Bingo Acocks Green caters to all schedules.

Prices start from as low as £1 – making it accessible without compromising on thrill or enjoyment. Facilities are excellent too; from a fully stocked bar serving everything from soft drinks to celebratory champagnes, accessibility features like disabled access and hearing loops ensure everyone enjoys their visit comfortably.

Grabbing your spot is easy – simply ring up using their phone number or drop by; they’re always ready to welcome new faces into their community-centric haven.

Club Opening Times and Game Sessions

Ready to mark your calendar for some exciting bingo sessions at Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green? Here’s all you need to know about the club’s opening times and game sessions. With doors opening early and closing late, there’s a game for every schedule.

DayOpening TimeFirst GameSession Varieties
Monday to Saturday10:00 AM10:45 AMMorning, Afternoon, Evening
Sunday11:00 AM10:45 AMMorning, Afternoon, Evening

Yes, you read that right. Even on Sundays, the fun starts at the same time. Sessions vary throughout the day, offering you flexibility. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Mecca Bingo Acocks Green matches your pace.

Prices? They range from just £1 to £17, depending on the session you choose. This means you can enjoy a day out without breaking the bank. Whether you’re planning a fun day with friends or a solo outing, you know exactly what times to aim for and how much you might spend. So, grab your daubers, choose your session, and get ready for some bingo fun at Mecca Bingo Acocks Green.

Pricing for Bingo Sessions

Discover the cost of fun at Mecca Bingo Acocks Green. Prices for bingo sessions span from £2 to a max of £22. Here’s a clear breakdown.

SessionPrice Range
Afternoon£1 – £12
Evening Main Events£7 – £17
Evening Other Events£2 – £6

Morning games cost

Afternoon sessions vary

Menu Options at Mecca Bingo Acocks Green

At Mecca Bingo Acocks Green, the food choices will excite you. You can pick from chicken tikka curry, burgers, and loaded fries. For fans of Harry Ramsden’s, their famous fish and chips are also on the list.

The My Mecca Club app makes ordering to your table easy.

The bar is full with many drinks. Choose from soft drinks, beers, wines, and spirits. Whether you crave traditional pub classics or want to try Harry Ramsden’s special dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy these treats while playing bingo or slots at this exciting venue in Acocks Green.

Facilities at the Club

The club makes sure everyone can join in the fun, with ramps and special toilets for guests who use wheelchairs. Plus, they’ve got hearing systems, so if you have trouble hearing, you won’t miss out on the excitement.

Access for Disabled Guests

Mecca Acocks Green ensures everyone can join in the fun. It has special parking spots just for Blue Badge holders. Inside, you’ll find toilets made easy to use if you have a disability, with extra room and an alarm in case you need help.

The club is all on one level so everyone can move around easily. They’ve even thought about lighting, making it comfortable for all eyes. Plus, staff know how to make sure guests with disabilities feel welcome and understood.

Need hearing support? Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green has that covered too with hearing loops. This means you won’t miss out on any numbers being called or the buzz of the bingo hall. Joining a game at this popular spot near Tyseley is simple and enjoyable for every guest, thanks to these thoughtful details.

Available Hearing Loops

Hearing loops are in place at the Acocks Green club. This means if you have hearing problems, you can still enjoy every game. The venue was made with everyone in mind, ensuring that nobody misses out on the fun.

These devices capture all sounds from microphones and bingo calls clearly and directly send them to your hearing aid.

You’ll find these loops around the club. They make sure you hear every number call, music note, and announcement without any trouble. Just turn your hearing aid to the T position, and get ready for an inclusive event.

The commitment here is strong—everyone gets to join in the excitement of bingo and slots, no matter what.

How to Reserve a Bingo Spot

You can book your bingo spot at Mecca Bingo Acocks Green easily. Choose from online booking or visiting the club in person.

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website. Find the Acocks Green club page for info on session times.
  2. Click on “Book Now” to see available seats for your chosen session.
  3. If you prefer, download the My Mecca App. It offers exclusive deals and lets you order food and drinks too.
  4. To book in-club, just walk into Mecca Bingo Acocks Green. Ask staff about session times and prices.
  5. Provide your details to sign up for free if it’s your first time playing with us.
  6. Pick a session time that suits you, from Monday to Saturday or Sunday games.
  7. Pay for your spots either online or at the club counter – cash and cards are welcome.
  8. Arrive early on game day to get comfortable and enjoy some food before the sessions start.

Booking ahead ensures you won’t miss out on the fun at Mecca Bingo Acocks Green.


Visit Mecca Bingo in Acocks Green for fun games and big prizes. The club offers tasty food, like curry and burgers. Book your bingo spot early for ease. Use the My Mecca Club App for special deals.

Enjoy various facilities, including parking and disabled access. Play safe with responsible gambling tools.