Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall

Looking for a place to enjoy bingo in Walsall? It can be tricky figuring out where to go, what it costs, and if it’s worth your time. Buzz Bingo Walsall stands out as a vibrant spot for bingo lovers, offering a fun-filled environment with plenty of chances to secure a win.

This club is at Jerome Retail Park, Midland Road – easy to reach by public transport or car.

Buzz Bingo Walsall opens its doors wide from morning till late night across the week, ensuring you find a slot that fits your schedule perfectly. With session prices ranging from £3 to £65 depending on the game type and time, there’s something for every budget.

Whether you’re into traditional paper bingo or favour electronic gaming options, this club provides everything you need.

This article walks you through everything – opening times, ticket prices, promotions on offer, plus food and drink choices available onsite. Ready for an exciting outing? Keep reading.

Buzz Bingo Walsall Club Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Walsall Club welcomes you with open doors and big smiles. With its convenient location at Jerome Retail Park, Midland Road, Walsall, WS1 3QB, planning your visit is easy. Here are the opening times to guide you:

  1. Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) – The club opens at 11 am and closes at midnight. Perfect for a day out playing bingo or trying your luck on the slot machines.
  2. Friday – Starts the weekend a bit later; doors open at 11 am but close an hour later at 1 am, giving you extra time to enjoy.
  3. Saturday – Ready for the early birds and night owls alike; it opens earlier at 10 am and doesn’t close until 1 am.
  4. Sunday – Wraps up the week by opening at noon and closing again at 1 am, offering a relaxed end to your busy week.

These hours apply whether you’re there for the main event in the evening or enjoy some afternoon sessions—except on Saturdays when those start at 1:30 pm. And don’t forget, every Thursday offers free sessions in both afternoon and evening, perfect for those looking to have fun without spending much.

Buzz Bingo Walsall Club Session Prices

Looking for details on Buzz Bingo Walsall Club session prices? You’re in the right spot. Here’s a breakdown to keep your budget in check while enjoying bingo.

DayAfternoon Main EventsEvening Session PricesSpecial Deals
Monday£5£5Paper tickets: £3 – £10, Electronic tickets: £3 – £65
Tuesday£5£1Electronic game packages: From £10
Wednesday£5£5Lunch Club, Big Bite, Late Night bingo: From £3 for 18 tickets
Thursday£5VariesCheck for daily offers
Friday£5VariesSpecial promotions available
Saturday£1.99£1.99, £10Discounted electronic packages
Sunday£5£10Value deals on paper and electronic tickets

You’ll find session prices are straightforward. Afternoon main events are a steal at £5, except for Saturdays—just £1.99. Evening prices show more variety with Tuesday and Saturday evenings at an irresistible £1 and £1.99, respectively. For a bit more, you’ve got Mondays and Wednesdays at £5, with weekends pushing to £10. Don’t overlook the deals on paper and electronic tickets, making your game even more enjoyable. Whether it’s paper tickets ranging from £3 to £10 or electronic tickets from £3 to £65, there’s something for every budget. And don’t miss out on electronic game packages starting at £10—perfect for improving your bingo experience at Buzz Bingo Walsall.

Buzz Bingo Walsall Promotions and Offers

Buzz Bingo Walsall rolls out the red carpet for new members. You get to join the bingo fun for just £5 on your first and second visits. Plus, there’s more. On your first visit, deposit £5 to play slot machine games and Buzz Bingo Walsall gives you an extra £10.

Look out for the special days too—Half Price Bingo makes your game cheaper, Saturday Social Club brings extra joy, and Super Sunday offers even more excitement.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page or promotions section for updates. These deals change often, making every visit a chance to catch something new. Jackpot stamps are a steal at £1 for 2 stamps, letting you dream big without spending much.

Promotional session prices might differ so checking ahead ensures no surprises at Buzz Bingo Walsall club doors.

Buzz Bingo Walsall Food and Drink Options

You’ll find a variety of affordable meals and drinks at Buzz Bingo Walsall. They offer special deals on food and beverages every day. You can enjoy a comfortable meal in their diner area.

From morning till night, bar deals are ready for you. Eating and drinking here makes your time playing bingo even better.

Additional Features at Buzz Bingo Walsall

At Buzz Bingo in Walsall, there’s more fun beyond bingo. Try your luck on slot machines or enjoy electronic games—there’s something for everyone.

Slot Machines and Electronic Gaming at Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a range of slot machines and electronic gaming options for you. They are all licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which means they follow strict rules to make sure everything is fair.

You can enjoy many types of games, from classic slots to video bingo, all designed to give you fun moments. There’s always something new to try with the latest electronic bingo technology.

The club makes sure there’s plenty of entertainment beyond traditional bingo games. They have touchpads and touchscreens that make playing easier and more exciting. Whether you’re into spinning reels or hitting a digital jackpot, Buzz Bingo Walsall provides all the options you need.

Plus, they promote responsible gaming practices so everyone plays safely and within their limits.

Nearby Bingo Halls to Buzz Bingo Walsall

You’re looking for fun places to play bingo near Buzz Bingo Walsall. Jerome Retail Park makes it easy to hop on a train or drive, with plenty of parking and public transport options.

  1. Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park – Just a short drive away, this hall offers a variety of games. With its friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy both traditional and electronic bingo. They have sessions throughout the week, including weekends.
  2. Buzz Bingo Birmingham – A bit farther but worth the trip for their huge prize pots and lively crowd. They host special events often, making each visit unique. Sessions here run daily, giving you flexible options to play.
  3. Mecca Bingo Dudley – Known for its delicious food and drink options, Mecca Bingo adds an extra layer of fun to your bingo experience. This spot also features special promotions and free bingo opportunities on select days.

Each location provides unique and exciting games with large prizes. Don’t forget to check their websites or contact them directly for the latest times, prices, and promotions before you go!

User Reviews and Feedback on Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall shines with a TrustScore of 4 out of 5. This score comes from three reviews that highlight its strengths. Players love the friendly staff, clean surroundings, and fun they have there.

The club values all feedback. It actively seeks both praises and concerns to make everyone’s visit better.

They respond fast too – within 24 hours to 97% of less positive comments. This shows how much Buzz Bingo Walsall cares about your experience. So, next time you’re deciding on a bingo spot, keep these points in mind!


You’ve learnt all about Buzz Bingo Walsall Club’s times, prices, and what customers think. The club opens its doors early on Saturdays at 10:00 am and stays open until 1:00 am on Fridays.

With ticket offerings from £3 to £65, there’s a game for every budget. Special deals like playing for just £5 as a new member make it an inviting spot. Food, drinks, slot games with cash prizes, and other fun activities await you there.

So gather your mates or take a solo trip down to Jerome Retail Park and join the buzzing atmosphere at Buzz Bingo Walsall – where excitement meets community spirit!