Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Looking for fun in Birmingham? You might want to hit Mecca Bingo Kingstanding. This club offers guaranteed big prize money, making it a hot spot for bingo lovers. With a tasty menu that includes dishes like chicken tikka curry and burgers, you won’t go hungry either.

This article will guide you through the details—session times, prices, and how to book your bingo session at Mecca Kingstanding. Plus, we’ll explore what else the club has to offer beyond the game cards.

Ready for some fun? Read on.

Exploring Club Details and Opening Times at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding sits in the exciting city of Birmingham. It takes over the old Odeon cinema, offering a blend of history and fun with bingo.

  1. This bingo club on Kettlehouse Road is your go-to spot for entertainment and games.
  2. With 600 seats available, you can enjoy traditional bingo comfortably.
  3. If you prefer technology, try one of the 40 electronic terminals for a modern twist.
  4. Doors open at 16:00 from Sunday to Friday, welcoming you into an exciting experience earlier on Saturdays at 10:00.
  5. You’ll find the club buzzing with activity until midnight every day, giving you plenty of time to play.
  6. Only if you’re over 18 can you join in on the fun, ensuring a responsible playing environment.

Discover Session Times and Ticket Prices

Explore the excitement of bingo at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding with a variety of sessions throughout the week, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With ticket prices starting as low as £2.50 for morning games to £20 for special evening paper sessions, you’re set for a mix of fun and the chance to win. Plus, for new members, an exclusive offer awaits—get all your bingo needs, including flyers, for just £5. Mecca Max packages present another layer of excitement, with options ranging from £5 to £120, catering to both newbies and seasoned players. Here’s a succinct breakdown to guide you:

MorningVariesStarting at £2.50
AfternoonVaries£5 – £10
EveningVaries£10 – £20
Mecca Max PackagesAny Session£5 – £120

Each session promises a unique mix of excitement, with hundreds of prizes up for grabs weekly. Ensure you book your spot and join the fun at Birmingham’s leading bingo club. Discover where every visit could turn into a winning opportunity.

How to Book Your Bingo Session at Mecca Kingstanding

Booking your bingo session at Mecca Kingstanding is easy. Pre-booking guarantees your spot and a ready seat.

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website or use the My Mecca Club App on your phone.
  2. Select the “Kingstanding” club from the list of locations.
  3. Choose a day and time that suits you. Session times are usually morning, afternoon, or evening.
  4. View ticket prices which range from £2.50 to £20 depending on the session and day.
  5. Decide how many tickets you want to buy. Sessions last about 2 hours.
  6. Add any food or drink vouchers to your basket if you want them during your game.
  7. Use the app for digital membership and table service once you’re at the club.
  8. Check out securely online with a credit card or payment option of choice.

Your booking ensures you can walk in, find your seat, and enjoy the game without delay!

Entertainment Options and Events at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding offers live entertainment. They serve tasty food and drinks at great value. You can win substantial prizes in their games. They also have daily specials, promotions, and bonuses for more fun.

Slots fans will enjoy the slot machine area. You get to play various games here. It’s part of making your visit exciting. Join them for a chance to have a great time with friends or make new ones!

Exploring Additional Amenities at Mecca Kingstanding

At Mecca Kingstanding, there’s more than bingo. You can eat tasty food, try your luck on the slot machines, and find easy ways to get around if you need help moving.

Enjoying the Food and Drink Offerings

You’ll find tasty choices like chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and Harry Ramsden’s dishes at the club. These options are ready every day from 11 am to 9 pm. For drinks, there’s a good range of beers, ciders, spirits, and wine at the bar.

You can also enjoy pub-style classics and sandwiches. Plus, don’t miss out on daily food deals for something special.

Experience the Thrill in the Slot Machine Area

Head over to the fruit machine area for a buzz. It’s packed with the latest fruit devices, all offering top games in the industry. Want action? This place has it. There’s no need to worry about parking either.

Find one of the 100 free spaces and jump straight into the fun. Nearby, there are more spots to gamble like Grosvenor Casino Hill Street Birmingham if you’re up for exploring further after hitting those slots at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding.

Each device waits with bright lights and captivating sounds, ready to offer you a new challenge or a familiar favourite game. Play starts from low stakes, making it perfect for every budget.

Whether you’re here to try your luck on something new or aiming for a big win on a classic game, satisfaction is just a button press away. Keep an eye out; this could be where your next memorable win happens.

Accessibility Features at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding ensures everyone can join the fun with its range of accessibility features. From parking to playing, they’ve thought of everything to make your visit as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  1. On-site parking is available free of charge, including spaces reserved specifically for disabled guests.
  2. The entrance is fully accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs, making it easy to get inside.
  3. Staff are always ready to assist visitors who need extra help or information.
  4. All areas of the club are on one level, so you won’t have to worry about stairs.
  5. There’s a smoking shelter outside, so everyone can take breaks comfortably without having to travel far.
  6. Accessible restrooms are large and well-equipped to cater to guests with mobility needs.
  7. Mecca Kingstanding offers audio aids and easy-to-read formats for those with vision or hearing impairments.
  8. The venue boasts a cash machine on-site that is positioned at an accessible height for everyone.

These thoughtful touches ensure that playing bingo at Mecca Kingstanding is a smooth and pleasant experience for all visitors.

Guide to Getting to Mecca Bingo Kingstanding

Getting to Mecca Bingo Kingstanding is easy. It’s at Kettlehouse Road, Birmingham B44 9JD, England.

  1. Catch a bus: Multiple services run near the club. Look for ones heading to Kingstanding. This is a straightforward option.
  2. Drive yourself: There’s parking available for those who prefer using their car. Simply follow the address.
  3. Nearby attractions make it a day out: Visit Sutton Park National Nature Reserve or Aston Villa Stadium Tour before playing bingo.
  4. Over 400 eateries are within a 3-mile radius: Plan lunch or dinner with friends before your bingo session.
  5. Use the Mecca app: Helps find the easiest route and updates on any travel changes in real-time.
  6. Check travel updates before you leave: Stay informed about any transport delays or issues that could impact your journey.
  7. Walking might be an option if you live close: Enjoy a leisurely walk if you’re nearby, making sure to check the weather beforehand.

Each way of getting there ensures you won’t miss out on any fun at this leading bingo club in Birmingham.


You’ll love every visit to Mecca Bingo Kingstanding, where fun times and big wins await. With sessions running all week and prices that won’t break the bank, it’s easy to join in. Booking your bingo means never missing out on the action.

The club also treats you with food options like burgers and fries, ensuring you’re fuelled for fun. Plus, with parking, access for everyone, and a variety of games, your visits are hassle-free.

Don’t miss out; Mecca Bingo Kingstanding is ready to make your days exciting!