Mecca Bingo Bilston

Mecca Bingo Bilston

Looking for the best spot to play bingo in Bilston? You’re aiming to hit a jackpot, perhaps, or simply enjoy a night out with friends. Mecca Bingo Bilston stands ready as your go-to venue.

Positioned at Unit 2, Spring Vale Retail Park, this club offers everything from traditional British bingo and electronic gaming to tasty food and drink options.

Mecca Bingo Bilston opens doors from 11:30 AM until midnight on Sundays, accommodating every schedule. Inside, find sessions running daily for Mecca Max and classic bingo games—each priced differently to fit various budgets.

This blog will guide you through times, prices, and special features of the club… Let’s get started!

Exploring Mecca Bingo in Bilston

Mecca Bingo in Bilston welcomes you with a big smile. You find it at Unit 2, Spring Vale Retail Park, West Midlands. Call them on 01902 405065 or send an email to [email protected] if you have questions.

This place is not just any bingo hall; it’s a hub where over 1500 members come together for some fun. Imagine playing your favourite electronic games across 60 terminals, feeling the excitement of possibly winning.

Nearby, there are spots like Horse and Jockey, The Curry Lounge, and Lime Contemporary Indian Cuisine to explore after your game session. Whether you’re into traditional bingo action or prefer the latest in electronic gaming options, Mecca Bingo has got something for everyone.

With special offers and promotions always on the horizon, each visit promises something new and exciting.

Opening Times at Mecca Bingo Bilston

For your visits to Mecca Bingo Bilston, knowing the opening times helps plan your experience perfectly. Here, you’ll find a straightforward guide.

DayOpening Times
Monday to Friday11:30 am to 12:00 am
Saturday10:00 am to 12:00 am
Sunday11:30 am to 12:00 am

Plan your trip with these timings in mind. They ensure you don’t miss any action.

Detailed Session Times for Mecca Bingo Bilston

Mecca Bingo Bilston ensures you get your bingo fix at times that suit you. With sessions spanning from morning to evening, you’re in for a treat, no matter your schedule. Here’s a straightforward look at the detailed session times:

Sunday11:00 am12:00 pm6:15 pm
MondayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm
TuesdayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm
WednesdayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm
ThursdayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm
FridayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm
SaturdayN/A12:00 pm6:15 pm

You’ll notice that Sunday mornings offer an early start at 11:00 am, perfect for those eager to begin their day with bingo. For the rest of the week, afternoon sessions kick off at 12:00 pm, with evenings beginning at 6:15 pm. This schedule caters to your convenience, ensuring you always have a game to join at Mecca Bingo Bilston.

Comprehensive Session Prices at Mecca Bingo Bilston

Exploring the costs at Mecca Bingo Bilston reveals an affordable range of options for your entertainment. Prices fluctuate between £2 and £20, ensuring you find a session that fits your budget perfectly. Take a glance at the table below to understand the pricing structure for different playtimes.

SessionPrice Range
Morning (Saturday only)£5
Afternoon£2 – £15
Evening£2 – £20

For first-time visitors, Mecca Bingo Bilston rolls out the red carpet with a special offer: just £5 for bingo, including flyers, and extra vouchers to sweeten the deal. This introductory package is a cost-effective way to start your bingo experience, blending value with the excitement of the game.

Don’t miss out on the affordable fun and the chance to succeed at Mecca Bingo Bilston. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the pricing ensures everyone gets a chance to play. Make sure to bring your friends or family along for an enjoyable outing that won’t break the bank.

Additional Features at Mecca Bingo Bilston

At Mecca Bingo Bilston, it’s more than just bingo. You’ll find tasty food and drinks, exciting electronic game options, and unmissable deals to keep the fun going.

Explore the Food & Drink Menu

You can taste delicious meals at Mecca Bingo Bilston, with mega meal deals from just £3.99. The menu offers a variety of dishes including Chicken, Harry Ramsden fish and chips, club classics, alongside tasty sides and sauces for you to enjoy.

If you fancy something sweet after your meal, there are good puddings too. You won’t have to leave your seat to order – use the My Mecca Club app on your phone to pick what you want from the Mecca Menu and it’ll be brought straight to you.

From snacks during games to full meals before or after playing bingo or slots, there’s plenty for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal, the food and drink options at this club ensure that hunger won’t distract you from having fun.

So grab your friends or family members next time for an enjoyable evening out ensuring great times both at tables and in dining alike!

Discover Electronic Gaming Options

Mecca Bingo Bilston offers 60 electronic game terminals filled with a variety of games. These include online slots, Slingo, casino games, and jackpots. For more fun, you can grab bingo tickets online or through the Mecca app.

The club hosts free-play slots and big jackpots. Regular promotions add to the excitement. Enjoy every second as you explore these gaming options. Play safely and responsibly with us at Mecca Bingo Bilson for a chance to secure big prizes whilst having loads of fun in a friendly environment.

Check Out Special Offers and Promotions

Special offers and promotions make playing at Mecca Bingo Bilston even more exciting. You can look forward to deals that make your visit worthwhile.

  1. “Fiver Fever” lets you enjoy bingo for just £5 between 19:00 and 21:00. This makes an evening of fun quite affordable.
  2. On National Bingo Day, Mecca Bingo Bilston gives away free Main Game paper books. This special day is perfect for trying your luck without spending money.
  3. The “Bring a Buddy to Bingo” promotion means when you bring a friend, both of you might get some benefits. It’s a great way to share the joy.
  4. During Community Day, there’s a chance to win a share of £100,000 in Community Prizes. This big event brings everyone together for massive wins.

Each offer ensures you get more from your visit to Mecca Bingo Bilston, whether you’re saving money or winning big prizes.

How to Book a Bingo Session at Mecca Bingo Bilston

You can easily book a session at Mecca Bingo Bilston. Either use the online website or make a call to secure your spot. Here’s exactly how:

  1. Visit the official Mecca Bingo website. Look for the ‘Clubs’ section and select Mecca Bingo Bilston from the list.
  2. Find the ‘Book Now’ button on the Mecca Bilston page. Click it to see available slots.
  3. Choose your desired date and time for playing bingo.
  4. Select the number of people attending with you.
  5. Review session prices, which range from £2 to £15, and up to £20 for special events.
  6. Add any special offers or bonuses you might want to use.
  7. Enter your personal details as required – make sure they’re correct!
  8. Confirm your booking by making a payment online if needed or choose to pay when you arrive.
  9. You’ll receive a confirmation email or message – keep this safe as proof of booking.


  1. Call 01902 405065 directly if you prefer speaking to someone.
  2. Tell the staff member you wish to book a bingo session at Mecca Bingo Bilston.
  3. Provide them with your preferred dates, times, and number of guests.
  4. Staff will inform you about prices and any special promotions available.

    5., They’ll also help you understand parking options and bus routes like 905 and 220 that service the area if needed.

With seating for over 1500 members and various sessions throughout the day, planning ahead ensures you get exactly what you want out of your visit to Mecca Bingo Bilston.


Mecca Bingo Bilston gives you daily bingo fun. Doors open wide from 11:30 AM, offering long hours of joy until midnight. Prices vary for each game session, so pick what fits your budget best.

Book in advance to secure your spot easily. The club sits at Unit 2, Spring Vale Retail Park, promising a full pack of amenities — parking, tasty meals, drinks, and fun machines.

Gather friends or family; it’s time to play some bingo at Mecca Bingo Bilston.