Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Searching for a lively way to spend your evening in Birmingham? Castle Bingo Barnes Hill, where excitement and the chance to win await you. Managed by Josh Davies, this venue offers not just bingo but an experience that’s both exhilarating and rewarding.

At Castle Bingo Barnes Hill, you’ll find undeniable reasons why it stands out among bingo halls. With free parking on site and sessions crafted for every player, whether you’re new or a regular, there’s something here for everyone.

This blog post will guide you through session times, prices, upcoming events, promotions and more – all designed to maximise your fun and winning potential. Get ready to be part of the community at one charming location.

Exploring Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Castle Bingo Barnes Hill is your go-to spot in Birmingham for an exciting game of British version bingo. Josh Davies, the general manager, makes sure everything runs smoothly so you have a great time.

The club sits at B29 5TY in the West Midlands, making it easy to find.

You’ll never worry about parking here. They’ve got loads of spaces, and it’s free when you come to play. Want to stay updated? Follow their Facebook page. It’s full of news on games and special events just for members like you.

Get ready for fun times and big wins at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill.

Bingo Session Times and Prices at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Planning your visit to Castle Bingo Barnes Hill? Here’s everything you need to know about bingo session times and prices. Get ready for fun and possibly even some wins.

Afternoon11:30VariesDepends on the day
Late Session21:20Linked cashpot flyer
Monday Afternoon11:30Paper £5 (6 tickets), eCub £12 (18 tickets)6 x £50 & 4 x £100
Tuesday Afternoon11:30Paper £5 (6 tickets)

This table outlines the bingo session times and prices at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your visit. Whether you’re there for the early breakfast session or the exciting late session, know what to expect in terms of cost and potential prizes. Afternoon sessions vary in price, so check the specific day you plan to visit. Enjoy your time at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill!

Upcoming Events and Promotions at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Castle Bingo Barnes Hill always has something exciting going on. Here, you’ll find a mix of events and promotions that promise fun and maybe even big wins.

  1. C45TLE Jackpot Nights: Play for the chance to win huge money on selected evenings. This jackpot is a crowd-pleaser, drawing in players hoping to hit it big.
  2. National Bingo Game: Join us on national game nights to play alongside others from around the UK. It’s your shot at winning incredible prize money from a large pool.
  3. Americano Evenings: Experience a touch of American bingo style with our special Americano sessions. They add an exciting twist, offering different ways to win.
  4. Friday Specials: Fridays are extra special at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill with reduced session prices and bigger prizes. End your week on a high note.
  5. Family Days: Once a month, bring your family for a fun day out where games are designed for all ages. Staff members make sure everyone has a fantastic time.
  6. Happy Hour Offers: Enjoy discounted prices on drinks and snacks during happy hours before regular sessions start. It’s perfect for catching up with friends before the games begin.
  7. Progressive Jackpot Sessions: These sessions give you the chance to win progressive jackpots that grow bigger over time until someone wins.
  8. Loyalty Rewards Nights: Regular players can enjoy exclusive offers and bonuses as part of our loyalty programme. Your appreciation for bingo pays off here.
  9. New Player Nights: New to bingo? Get special attention with introductory sessions aimed at teaching you how to play bingo and other games in a friendly setting.
  10. Easter and Christmas Specials: Celebrate the holidays with us through themed events that include unique games, prizes, and decorations, making these times even more memorable.

Each event or promotion at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill offers something unique, ensuring there’s always a reason to visit whether you’re looking for excitement, to spend time with family or friends, or just in search of great deals on your favourite games.

Enjoy the Benefits of Playing at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

You get real value at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill. With sessions starting from 11:30 am and even earlier on Saturdays, at 10:30 am, you can pick a time that suits you best. The club closes late too, at 11 pm, giving plenty of time to enjoy.

Regular session prices mean you won’t break the bank for a chance to win. Plus, with optional extras available, your experience is what you make it.

Great customer service awaits every guest. The atmosphere here gets high marks from people who visit the club often. They love the food too. If you play an eCub – one of Castle’s electronic bingo options – expect fun and ease as part of your game.

It’s not just about winning; it’s about enjoying every moment spent in this local favourite spot near Tesco and other handy spots in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Bring along friends or meet new ones in games designed for adults 18+, always following BeGambleAware guidelines for safe play.

Additional Information

For more on Castle Bingo Barnes Hill, check out user thoughts and how to get there. People share their wins and tips online, and finding the place is easy with a map.

User Reviews of Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

Castle Bingo Barnes Hill has a 4.0 out of 5 rating from 14 user reviews. Players praise the helpful and nice staff, making it a welcoming place to visit. Yet, some visitors mention issues like noise and lack of order.

Feelings are mixed about the food, with complaints about high prices—for example, £3.50 for boiled ham and potatoes.

Reviews also talk about the games and activities at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill. They say you can win substantial prize money at reasonable costs which makes visiting worthwhile. Besides staff mentioned earlier, other reviews highlight even more great team members not noted before—showing this bingo club near your area definitely stands out for its friendly atmosphere and exciting games coming up at Castle.

Directions to Castle Bingo Barnes Hill

You’re planning a visit to Castle Bingo Barnes Hill. Getting there is easy with these directions.

  1. Catch a bus from nearby stations. Routes include 23, 46, 76, X21, 39, 39A, and 002.
  2. Begin your trip at Overfield Drive if you’re close; it’s only a 96 metres walk taking about 2 minutes.
  3. Alwold Rd offers another starting point just 194 metres away, a quick 3-minute stroll.
  4. If you’re near Shenley Lane, start there; you’ll reach us in about a 5-minute walk from 341 metres away.
  5. For train travellers, hop on a West Midlands route. The nearest train stops are Northfield and University.
  6. Use the Moovit app for step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station to find us easily.
  7. Travelling by bus? The ride might take between 48 to 82 minutes depending on your starting point.
  8. Coming by train? Expect your journey to last between approximately 73 and 101 minutes.

Following these steps ensures you arrive ready for an exciting game of bingo at Castle Bingo Barnes Hill without any fuss.


Castle Bingo Barnes Hill offers you fun, with sessions every day. Josh Davies leads a place where everyone finds something to enjoy. You get free parking and can call 0121 428 1122 for help.

Join the club on Facebook for news on games and events. Play bingo here and make new friends—it’s a winning choice for sure!