Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent

Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent

Looking for up-to-date information on Mecca Bingo in Burton upon Trent for 2024? You might be wondering about operating times, game sessions, and how much it costs. Well, you’re in luck.

Mecca Bingo Burton provides a vibrant venue with slots boasting £500 jackpots — no membership needed to join the fun.

This article gives you a clear picture of what to expect — detailed session schedules, pricing per game, facilities, and services at your disposal. With over 720 seats available and meals that can be ordered right from your seat or through the My Mecca app, we’ve got everything covered.

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent

Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent stands proudly at Middleway Park, Guild Street, Staffordshire, DE14 1NQ—it’s a beacon for bingo lovers and entertainment seekers alike. With its spacious venue capable of seating over 720 players and parking for 100 cars, it promises a fun-filled outing with chances to win.

You’ll find yourself drawn by the exciting bingo action as well as the array of facilities this casino offers. From tasty menu options that keep your energy up to vibrant live entertainment that keeps the excitement going, Mecca Bingo ensures an unforgettable experience.

Conveniently located amidst shopping malls, gardens, breweries, and football clubs—this club is more than just a place to play bingo; it’s a community hub where fun meets camaraderie.

Whether you’re planning a relaxed evening out or seeking some competitive gaming atmosphere alongside friends or family members who enjoy gambling responsibly as much as you do…

Mecca Bingo has everything covered for you right here in Burton-on-Trent. Grab your dabber and join fellow patrons at this premier spot—where great deals on sessions merge seamlessly with high standards of service and safety protocols to offer unparalleled value for both newbies and seasoned players.

Club Operating Hours

Planning your next visit to Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent? Check out their operating hours to ensure you never miss a game. With extended hours on weekends, you’ve got ample time to enjoy everything they offer. Here’s a summary to guide you:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday11:30 am11 pm
Tuesday11:30 am11 pm
Wednesday11:30 am11 pm
Thursday11:30 am11 pm
Friday11:30 am12 am
Saturday11:30 am12 am
Sunday11:30 am12 am

Plan your visit around these times for a seamless bingo adventure. Enjoy extended fun on weekends, perfect for winding down after a busy week.

Detailed Session Schedules

Let’s get straight to the point. You want to know when to grab your dabber or tap your Mecca Max for some bingo action at Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent. Here are the exact times:

DayAfternoon Session StartEvening Session Start
Monday12 pm6 pm
Tuesday12 pm6 pm
Wednesday12 pm6 pm
Thursday12 pm6 pm
Friday12 pm6 pm
Saturday12 pm6 pm
Sunday12 pm6 pm

Each session, whether it’s with paper or on Mecca Max, lasts around 2 hours. You’ve got options to pre-book if you like planning ahead. Keep these times in mind, show up, and enjoy.

Pricing for Sessions

Exploring the cost of fun at Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent? You’re in the right spot. Here’s a breakdown, clear and concise:

Session TypeTimePrice Range (£)Specifics
MorningVaries2All games
AfternoonVaries5 to 86-8 games
Saturday at 1pm1617 games
EveningVaries2 to 20Depends on the day

Prices start as low as £1, reaching up to £17 depending on the session. Morning games are a bargain, costing £2 or less. Afternoon fun won’t break the bank either, with prices staying £10 or below. For serious fans, Saturday afternoons offer the most action with 17 games for £16. Evening sessions vary, with prices ranging from £2 to £20, providing options for every budget.

Facilities and Services

At Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent, you get more than just a game of bingo. You can munch on tasty food, like burgers and fries, and enjoy cool shows that make your visit extra fun.

Menu Options at Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent serves tasty food to enjoy while you play bingo. They offer meals and drinks for great value, making your experience even better.

  1. Every day until 5 pm, choose any meal with a soft or hot drink for just £5.
  2. Lite Bites include pea and mint patties, halloumi sticks, spicy chicken strips, and tortilla chips with toppings.
  3. From Monday-Thursday, the Midweek Meal Deal lets two people eat for £12.
  4. Crispy chicken burger, beefburger with bacon, and the veggie Moving Mountains burger are great for satisfying hunger.
  5. Loaded fries come in various styles, including options for vegans.
  6. For those avoiding gluten, there are gluten-free choices available.

Enjoy these menu options next time you visit Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent for a fun and delicious experience.

Entertainment Features

You’ll find live entertainment that brightens up any evening. Think fun-packed Anyway Up Bingo and glamorous Drag Bingo parties. It’s all happening here, beyond the usual bingo and slots games.

Fancy a night out with great tunes, laughs, and a bit of dazzle? This place provides exactly that. And yes, there’s more than just games.

A bar and café ensure your hunger and thirst are well looked after while you enjoy the show or play some bingo. Delicious food, superb drinks—all at prices that won’t break the bank.

So grab your friends for an exciting evening where every moment is filled with fun, right in central Mecca Burton-on-Trent.

Membership and Reservations

Joining Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent is easy and opens the door to a world of fun. Pre-book your spot or use the My Mecca Club App for even smoother entry and exciting offers.

Options for Pre-booking

Pre-booking at Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent guarantees your spot for a fun night out. It makes sure you don’t miss out on any action.

  1. Visit the official Mecca Bingo website to find the booking section.
  2. Choose Burton On Trent from the list of clubs to see available sessions.
  3. Pick a date and time that suits you best for bingo.
  4. Explore bonus offers and deposits unique to the Burton On Trent club.
  5. Select how many people are coming with you for accurate seating.
  6. Check the total cost before confirming to avoid surprises.
  7. Use the My Mecca Club App for easier booking and managing reservations straight from your phone.
  8. Keep an eye on special promotions exclusive to app users or online bookers.
  9. Confirm your session choice and make a deposit if required.
  10. Receive an email or text confirmation with all details for a smooth visit.

This process makes it easy to secure your spot and enjoy every second at Mecca Bingo without worry about full sessions or long queues.

Features of My Mecca Club App

The My Mecca Club app brings you exclusive offers and deals right to your fingertips. With this handy tool, members can scan their digital membership card straight from their phone, making it easy to get into the bingo hall without fumbling for a physical card.

Craving something to eat or drink while playing? Use the app to order food and drink directly to your table. No more missing out on the game just because you’re hungry or thirsty. Plus, if you’re new around here, there’s a sweet deal waiting for you—purchase all bingo sessions for only £5 and grab extra vouchers too! Save money, enjoy great entertainment at Mecca Bingo clubs, and never miss an exclusive offer with the My Mecca Club app.


You now know everything about Mecca Bingo in Burton On Trent for 2024. This club offers £500 jackpot slots and doesn’t ask for membership. You can order food and drinks right from your seat, making things easier.

Sessions last around 2 hours, perfect for an evening out. With varied session costs throughout the week, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with over 720 seats and good transport links, getting there is a breeze.

Why not give it a try? Games are affordable and the app makes booking simple. Check the schedule – find a time that suits you best. Bring friends or make new ones there. Fun times await at Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent!