Globe Bingo Donnington

Globe Bingo Donnington

Looking for a fun night out in Donnington? Globe Bingo Donnington offers an experience you won’t want to miss. Located at Wellington Road, this bingo club combines entertainment with the chance of winning significantly.

It’s not just about playing bingo; it’s entering a community where excitement and joy fill the air.

Globe Bingo boasts a range of games and sessions catering to every player, whether you’re new or seasoned. With facilities like free on-site parking and various game options, everything is set for your convenience.

This post will guide you through session times, prices, and what to expect when visiting — ensuring your trip is hassle-free. Ready to discover more? Keep reading….

Exploring Globe Bingo Donnington

Explore Globe Bingo Donnington and you discover more than just bingo. It’s a place filled with opportunities to win, from paper games to electronic ones, all under one roof.

Session Times and Pricing

Globe Bingo Donnington welcomes you for an engaging time. Here’s what you need to know about session times and pricing.

DayAfternoon SessionEvening SessionPrice Range
Monday to FridayVariesIncluded in main session price£1 – Weekdays Afternoon
SaturdayVariesNot specified£1 – Saturday
Electronic BingoAvailable every session£5 to £20

This table aims to be straightforward. The main session price includes Monday and Thursday evenings, making your visit cost-effective. Electronic Bingo livens up your game with prices between £5 and £20, offering varied options for every player. Afternoon sessions fluctuate, so it’s wise to check specific times before planning your visit. Enjoy the game at Globe Bingo Donnington, where fun meets affordability.

Games and Award Opportunities

You get to choose between traditional paper tickets and electronic Bees for play. Expect exhilarating games with Mega Money Jackpots up to £5000. There’s more. Games link across multiple halls, pushing potential wins up to £10000.

Promotions change, so call ahead to confirm current offers. This variety ensures every visit feels new and exciting, packed with opportunities to win substantial prizes while enjoying the authentic bingo experience at Globe Bingo in Donnington.

Developments at Globe Bingo Donnington

Globe Bingo Donnington is changing hands. New bosses mean new jobs, keeping the fun alive.

Recent Acquisition and Employment Effects

Real Fun Group Ltd recently bought eight bingo clubs. This big move keeps over 140 jobs safe. Now, Real Fun Group has nearly 200 staff in 10 bingo places all over the country. You’ll see how this change brings more fun and chances to win at your local bingo spot.

With new ownership, expect even better games and prizes across the UK. So, join today, visit us for a game or two and see the difference yourself!

Plan Your Visit to Globe Bingo Donnington

Looking to visit Globe Bingo Donnington? Find us easily in Telford, Shropshire, and get all your questions answered fast by reaching out—just drop us a line or check online for everything you need.

How to Find Us and Ways to Contact

Planning your trip to Globe Bingo Donnington is easy. They make sure you can find them and get in touch without any trouble.

  1. Visit them at Wellington Road, Donnington, TF2 8AW, right in central Telford. This location is central and easy to reach.
  2. Call us for any queries at 01952 605621. Their friendly team is ready to help with session times, prices, or any other questions you might have.
  3. Email them at [email protected] for a detailed query or if you need information about bookings and special offers.
  4. Check their website for all the latest news, open times, and upcoming events. It’s updated regularly so you won’t miss out.
  5. If necessary, send them a fax at 01480 896723, especially useful for group bookings or corporate events.
  6. Open hours vary by day of the week; they’re open until midnight on Wednesdays and Fridays, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their games after work.
  7. Follow signs from nearby main roads leading directly to them – it’s straightforward if you’re coming from anywhere in Shropshire or even further places in England and Wales.
  8. Public transport options are available too; check local bus schedules that stop close by their location for an eco-friendly way to visit.
  9. Look out for local landmarks such as the Majestic Cinema nearby – they’re just a short walk away, so why not combine visits for a full day of entertainment?
  10. Parking spaces are ample around the venue, ensuring that driving there is convenient.

They strive to serve you around the clock online and welcome your visit any day of the week!


You’ve learnt about Globe Bingo Donnington. This place is at Wellington Road, with lots of free parking and a bus stop right outside. You know their games, session times, and that they offer big prizes.

Majestic Bingo adds to the fun online, no deposit needed. Make sure to visit; it’s easy to find next to Aldi. So why not go? It promises loads of fun and opportunities to win with friends or family.