Buzz Bingo Walsgrave Coventry

Buzz Bingo Walsgrave Coventry

Looking for a spot of entertainment in Coventry? Maybe you’re eyeing up a vibrant bingo hall that offers more than just games. Buzz Bingo Walsgrave on Sowe is your go-to venue, blending exciting bingo with slots and dining to keep the fun rolling for hours.

This club doesn’t just play by the book; it’s part of Buzz Group Limited, licensed under the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring fair play and responsible gaming at all times.

You’ll find details here about everything from opening times to prices, not forgetting current promotions that can make your visit extra special. Whether it’s snagging a jackpot or enjoying a meal with friends, we’ve got the lowdown.

Explore this blog to discover why Buzz Bingo Coventry is your next must-visit spot… Your evening plans are about to get exciting!

Buzz Bingo Walsgrave Club Details and Location

Buzz Bingo Walsgrave sits at Brade Drive, Coventry, England CV2 2QQ, UK. This spot can fit 600 people inside. Imagine calling +44 24-7660-4405 to find out more or catch them online through Twitter and Facebook.

They welcome guests Mon-Wed from 11:45am until midnight and open a bit earlier on Thu at 11am.

Opening Times and Cost of Sessions in Coventry

Planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Walsgrave in Coventry? Knowing the session times and costs ensures a smooth experience. Here’s everything you need:

Session TimesPaper Tickets Cost (£)Electronic Tickets Cost (£)
12:00 to 1:0024 to 6636 to 78
13:00 to 14:3524 to 6636 to 78
18:00 to 18:4524 to 6636 to 78
19:00 to 21:0024 to 6636 to 78
21:15 onwards24 to 6636 to 78

You pay between £3 to £55 for bingo tickets. On your first and second visits, bingo costs only £5. The £60 package includes all games and certain stamp collections. Choose wisely based on your budget and preferred way to play—paper or electronic. Enjoy playing at Buzz Bingo Walsgrave, Coventry.

Current Promotions and Special Events

Buzz Bingo Coventry Walsgrave brings exciting offers and events your way. You won’t want to miss out on these fantastic deals.

  1. Welcome surprises for new members: Get bonus funds plus free spins. The perfect start awaits you at Buzz Bingo Coventry Walsgrave.
  2. Tuesdays just got better with Price Cut Tuesday: Enjoy bingo at lower prices, making your week a little brighter.
  3. Half Price Bingo makes every game more enjoyable: Play for half the cost on select days. Your wallet will thank you.
  4. Super Sunday promises big wins and great fun: End your week on a high note with special jackpots and discounts on play.
  5. The BADA Bingo experience is unlike any other: Join the crowd for a night of loud music, bright lights, and the opportunity to win big.
  6. Million Dollar Men event is set for Friday 28th June: Mark your calendar for this exclusive night with prizes that could change your life.
  7. Share in a community jackpot game with a prize pool of £11,209: Everyone gets a chance at this impressive sum during select sessions.

With each event crafted to give you more opportunities to win and have fun, Buzz Bingo Coventry Walsgrave is where you should be heading next!

Menu and Beverage Choices

The menu at Buzz Bingo Walsgrave offers a wide variety of starters, main dishes, and desserts. You’ll find options for vegetarians, vegans, and those avoiding gluten or dairy, all sourced from local suppliers to ensure freshness.

Drinks include wines, beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic choices like coffee and tea.

Season changes bring new items to the menu. Whether you’re hungry for a hamburger or fancy a hot dog during your bingo and slots session, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Plus, with refreshments that range from soft drinks to hearty meals.

Facilities and Services at Buzz Bingo Walsgrave

At Buzz Bingo Walsgrave, you’ll find all you need for a great night out. From ample car spots to easy access for everyone, they’ve got it sorted.

Parking and Transportation

The car park on Brade Drive is always open, every day, all the time. Finding a spot for your car won’t be hard. You have choices like shuttle parking, valet service, or just walking from the park to Buzz Bingo Walsgrave.

The rates are fair too. People really like the parking here – it got a 4.3 out of 5 from 5709 reviews.

If you’re coming often, think about getting monthly parking starting at £25.00. This way, you don’t worry each visit – one less thing on your mind as you head in to enjoy bingo and slots or grab some food and drinks with friends at Buzz Bingo Walsgrave Coventry.

Accessibility for All Visitors

Buzz Bingo Walsgrave is fully set up for everyone. It has wheelchair access, so moving around is easy if you use one. No need to worry about getting inside or finding a spot that’s right for you.

Plus, indoor parking means less hassle when you arrive and more time enjoying your visit.

They accept different ways to pay, adding convenience to your experience. Next door fun waits at Tenpin Coventry and Nandos — perfect spots to visit before or after bingo. With these options, your outing is sorted from start to finish, all in one accessible location.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Buzz Bingo Walsgrave

People love Buzz Bingo Walsgrave. They give it a 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Most folks, 75%, say it’s excellent with 5-star reviews. Another 25% think it’s really good too, giving it 4 stars.

You should know this place is liked for its team. Janice Jones said on 18 May 2024, the staff are super helpful and kind. Jessie Bird felt the same on 1 March, saying everyone there makes regulars feel comfy and welcomed.

Liz Thornber had a bit to say as well on 2 March. She likes the people working there but thought the prize money could be better on Saturday afternoons. Yet another review from 27 February praises the friendly vibe and great atmosphere at the hall.

This tells you that Buzz Bingo in Coventry is more than just a place to play slots or bingo; it’s where you’ll find smiling faces ready to make your day fun.


Buzz Bingo Walsgrave Coventry gives you lots of choices to play bingo and slots. You see, they have different tickets for games at prices that fit your pocket. They care about playing safe and offer help if gambling gets tough.

At Buzz Bingo, you find great slot games and fun bingo nights like BADA Bingo. They also have a jackpot game with a big prize pool. You can eat and drink there without spending much money.

Plus, they make joining easy with deals for new members.

So, do you want a place where the fun never stops? Buzz Bingo in Coventry is right here waiting for you! With food, drinks, bingo, and slots all set for your enjoyment – why wait? Grab your mates or come alone; either way, excitement is guaranteed.

This isn’t just any bingo club; it’s a community ready to welcome you.

Are you ready to try something exciting this weekend?