Club 3000 Bingo Ipswich

Club 3000 Bingo Ipswich

Club 3000 Bingo in Ipswich stands out for its lively and modern playing environment. Located at Lloyds Avenue, Suffolk, this place is where fun meets fortune under the watchful eye of Manager Kevin Johnson.

With doors open from Monday to Saturday and special timings on Sundays, it caters to everyone looking for a good time. Whether you’re after the excitement of bingo with prices at £10 or want to join without spending a penny, there’s something here for you.

Members enjoy perks like digital cards and personalised deals that add up to an impressive annual payout average of £81 million – did we mention a world record payout of £1.2 million? Plus, with quality food and drinks on offer alongside assistance for those who need it, Club 3000 thought of everything.

Licensed by the Gambling commission shows they mean serious business while making sure everybody has a great time.

Exploring the Bingo Experience at Club 3000 Ipswich

At Club 3000 Ipswich, your bingo adventure takes off with a lively atmosphere that Brian Fraser designed. The location thrives on making everyone feel welcome, whether new or experienced in the national game of bingo.

Kevin Johnson, the General Manager, leads a team determined to make your visit unforgettable.

The club’s heart beats with the sound of numbers called out one after another – it’s where excitement builds. Friendly staff guide you through each step if needed. As balls roll and numbers get called by the skilled bingo caller, anticipation fills the air.

Here, at Lloyds Avenue in Ipswich, Suffolk, winning is just part of the fun; enjoying time with friends old and new is what truly counts.

Facilities and Amenities at Club 3000

Club 3000 offers an impressive range of facilities and amenities for a comfortable bingo experience. The venue is purpose-built, showcasing modern designs that make your visits memorable.

You will find quality food options to enjoy while playing. Also, there are licensed bars where you can grab a drink or two. The layout caters to everyone, ensuring wheelchair users move easily around the space.

Assistance is readily available for those who need it, making sure everyone has a great time.

The bingo hall operates under Fraser Capital Management and follows strict regulations set by the Gambling Commission (account number 1988), guaranteeing fairness in all games. Session times vary throughout the day, offering flexibility for your schedule.

Whether you’re an early bird or prefer evening games, Club 3000 accommodates your preference with various game times. This arrangement keeps the excitement going all day and ensures no one misses out on the fun due to timing conflicts.

Timetable and Pricing Detail

Discover the essentials for your next visit to Club 3000 Ipswich, focusing on timetable and pricing details. Knowing these, you can plan your visit perfectly.

DayOpening TimesMain Event PriceOptional ExtrasSessions
Monday to Saturday11:30am – 10:30pm£10£3Three
Sunday4:30pm – 10:30pm£10£3Two

You pay £10 for main events. For more chances to win, optional extras cost £3. From Monday to Saturday, doors open at 11:30am, closing at 10:30pm, providing three sessions of bingo. On Sundays, enjoy two sessions, starting at 4:30pm. New players? Register free on your first visit. For more details, contact Club 3000 Ipswich on 01473 256 955. Plan your visit now for a chance at fun and prizes.

Benefits of Membership at Club 3000

Joining Club 3000 Bingo Ipswich brings you into an environment where the fun never stops and the rewards keep rolling in. With a membership that costs absolutely nothing, you’re set to enjoy a host of benefits crafted to make every visit unforgettable. Here’s what members love:

  1. Digital Membership Card – Get easy access with your digital card right on your phone. This means faster entry so you can start playing quicker.
  2. Personalised Vouchers – Enjoy special deals customised just for you. These vouchers give you more value for money every time you play.
  3. Exclusive Mobile App Offers – Grab fantastic offers that are only available through the Club 3000 mobile app. These deals are regularly updated, giving you something new to look forward to.
  4. Massive Annual Payouts – Club 3000 pays out an impressive average of £81 million annually to winners. You could be next in line for a big win!
  5. World Record Payouts – Be part of a club that holds the world record for the highest single payout of £1.2 million in bingo history!
  6. Free Membership – Save your money for the games as joining Club 3000 costs nothing at all.

With these perks, playing at Club 3000 Bingo Ipswich isn’t just about marking off numbers—it’s about being part of an exciting community that values its members and rewards them generously.

Exciting Events and Special Offers

Club 3000 in Ipswich keeps things fresh with fun events and deals. Catch their Early Bird specials or celebrate your birthday with them for extra joy.

Early Bird Specials

On Saturday evening, 8th June, Club 3000 Bingo Ipswich offers you a deal you can’t miss. Arrive early and get your bingo books before 6:15 pm to enjoy free main bingo books worth £10.

Or, choose an alternative option of receiving an extra 12 tickets on a digital game for the same value. This Early Bird Special ensures your evening starts off with more chances to win at no extra cost.

Keep up with these specials by following their Facebook page, which already has a community of over 700 likes and nearly a thousand followers. For any queries or more details on upcoming events and offers like this one, contact them directly at +44 1473 256955 or visit

Make sure not to miss out on such exciting opportunities to increase your chances in the game while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of one of the most popular bingo halls around.

Celebrate Your Birthday at Club 3000

Club 3000 is your go-to for birthday bashes. They roll out the red carpet to make sure you and your friends have a blast. Imagine walking into Club 3000, greeted by an air of excitement and the chance to win amazing prizes.

It’s known as the “BEST Bingo in Town” for good reasons – big prize money, a friendly vibe, and lots of fun games.

Your party gets even better with their special offers crafted just for birthdays. Download their app before you go; it gives you a digital membership card and personalised vouchers to make your day extra special.

So, round up your mates, pick a date, and head over to Club 3000 Ipswich for an unforgettable birthday filled with joy, games, and possibly some lucky wins!

How to Find and Contact Club 3000 Ipswich

Finding Club 3000 in Ipswich is easy. The club sits on Lloyds Avenue, in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk, with postcode IP1 3HT. You can reach this spot by car or public transport easily. If you drive, look for signs directing you to the town centre. Public transport users should look for buses heading towards Lloyds Avenue.

Need to talk to them? Just dial 01473 256 955. Kevin Johnson, the general manager, and his team are there to help. They’ll answer your questions and guide you on memberships or events.

Thinking of visiting? Grab your phone and set up a visit or ask about their latest offers!


Club 3000 Bingo in Ipswich is your go-to spot for fun-filled bingo nights. With Kevin Johnson leading a team of friendly staff, you’re guaranteed big wins and great times. Facilities are excellent, from quality food to a licensed bar, ensuring everyone enjoys their visit.

Membership offers more benefits and special deals like birthday celebrations and early bird specials. Find them at Lloyds Avenue, Suffolk or give them a ring at 01473 256 955 to join the fun today.